Information Technology Disciplines (IT Disciplines) (a.k.a. Enterprise Capabilities)

Have you ever tried to quantify and document everything your IT organization does, is expected to do, or is expected to be involved in? We have. And, to say it’s not easy is an understatement.

The IF4IT Master Inventory of Information Technology Disciplines (IT Disciplines), often referred to as an Inventory of Enterprise Capabilities that may also be formal Services (depending on their maturity within an enterprise), is the Foundation’s attempt to quantify, qualify and document all the different types of work an IT organization performs for its Business clients, in one concentric catalog that you and your staff can use as reference to learn about IT, teach your constituents about IT, and to communicate the many things that IT is responsible for or involved in.

One of the largest issues with Information Technology (IT), as a professional discipline, is that because no one has taken the time to inventory everything an IT organization does, no one can quantify the work in an accurate and repeatable manner. And, if you can’t properly quantify the work, it becomes difficult to justify the work you do, which leads to low appreciation for IT organizations, everywhere. Even more importantly, because no one has attempted to clearly inventory and document everything, standardization becomes a moving target, allowing IT leaders and organizations everywhere to constantly reinvent the wheel.

Please keep in mind that the inventory of IT Disciplines and all its content is constantly evolving. Therefore, we recommend you check back, regularly, to keep up to date on the latest content.

The IF4IT also acknowledges that nothing is ever perfect. We do what we can to document and publish as much as we can, trying always to improve the quality of all our material. We ask that you’re patient with us as we evolve our knowledge base. We also recommend you contribute, if you feel you can help accelerate our processes or if you think your perspectives are more accurate than those we’ve published. We always welcome whatever help makes sense for the betterment of the industry.

How to Use This Inventory

Use the “Discipline Index” grid, located to the right of this page, as a means of accessing IT Disciplines by alphabetical title.

OR, you can go right to the Master Index of IT Disciplines, which lists them all.