Eve mattress discount codes and deals for January 2021: Big price drops across the full range!

Knock up to £273 off your new mattress with these excellent Eve discounts

Eve mattress discount code and deals
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Looking an Eve discount code or deal? You're in the right place. This mattress brand has come good for January, with a mega sale that knocks a chunk of cash off the whole Eve range. This is unusual: Eve usually discounts just one mattress at a time, so this is a great opportunity to shop the full range of 6 mattresses. There's up to £273 off the already-excellent-value Lighter range, up to £243 off the Which? Best Buy Originals, and up to £252 off the luxurious Premium models. 

This article is dedicated to bringing you the cheapest Eve mattress discount codes or deals the minute they appear. To see what other brands are offering to welcome in 2021, head to our cheap mattress deals roundup.

Eve is one of the best mattress companies around, and even at full price its Lighter mattress is the cheapest of the big brands' offerings. 

Eve Original and Original Hybrid | Up to £243 off | Now from £321 at Eve
The Eve Original keeps things simple with three layers of next-gen foam, which Eve says dissipates heat much more effectively than regular memory foam (we've tried it, and we concur). There are 7 zones of targeted support. The Hybrid adds 800 full sized pocket springs.View Deal

Eve Lighter and Lighter Hybrid | Up to £273 off | Prices from £194 at Eve
Eve has pared things right back in its budget-friendly Lighter range. There's the same 'evecomfort' foam found in the award-winning Originals, and zoning to support back, side and front sleepers. The Hybrid has 650 full sized pocket springs. View Deal

Eve Premium and Premium Hybrid | Up to £252 off | Now from £758
The Premiums are Eve's top-end mattresses, and they're both Which? Best Buys. They both include luxurious memory foam with active cooling, a pressure-relieving 'floatfoam' layer, and Eve's unique contour zones. The hybrid adds 1500 full-sized springs. Note, there's no Single in this model.View Deal

Which Eve mattress is best?

Eve has a number of mattresses to choose between. The cheapest Eve mattress is the Eve Light; the popular Eve Original memory foam mattress sits in the middle of the range, and at the top end is the luxurious Premium. And if you prefer a bit more bounce, all versions are available as a hybrid, with an added layer of pocket springs. Here's a quick run-down of the different options, and you'll find more of today's best Eve mattress discounts below.

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Eve mattress discounts and deals

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Eve mattress deals and discounts

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Eve mattress discounts and deals

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Eve mattress discounts and deals

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The best Eve Original mattress discounts and deals

Sizes: Single – Super king
Depth: 24cm
Turn: No
Filling: Memory foam plus pocket springs in Hybrid mattresses
Comfort: Medium firm
Trial: 100 night
Guarantee: 10 years
RRP: Single: £349, Small double: £499, Double: £599, King size: £699, Super king: £799
Reasons to buy
+Incredibly comfortable+Cooler than traditional memory foam+200 day free trial
Reasons to avoid
-Heavy-Some may find too firm

How good is an Eve mattress?

Eve mattresses are very good – and they’ve got a stack of industry awards to prove it. As mentioned, the company makes five different types from its UK-based factory, all of which are designed to support you while you sleep, relieving pressure while providing luxurious foam-based cushioning. (Even the hybrids, which have layers of foam and memory foam on top of the springs.) 

Eve mattresses have been designed to suit every type of sleeper – whether you prefer lying on your back side or stomach. And their memory foam layers are, says Eve, 30 times more breathable to help keep you cool. Motion transfer is negligible, too, so you’re less likely to notice a restless partner tossing and turning. 

They also come with a handy washable and moisture-wicking cover for extra comfort. It has silver strands woven into it that'll keep it clean and fresh for longer.

How much does an Eve mattress cost?

Eve mattress discount and deal

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With six different models available, there should be an Eve mattress to suit your budget, and now thanks to the 20% sale, each mattress Eve make is retailing at a lower than usual price point.

At the top of the range, the Eve Premium mattress starts with an RRP of £679 for a double, £799 for a king and £919 for a super king. The Eve Premium Hybrid doesn't come in a single mattress size. Like the Premium, it starts at £679 for a double, £799 for a king and £919 for a super king.

Next, the Eve Original costs £279 (single), £479 (double), £559 (king), £639 (super king) and £679 (emperor). The Eve Hybrid is priced at £279 (single), £399 (double), £479 (king) and £599 (super king); while the Eve Baby mattress, which comes in two sizes: Eve Baby cot mattress (£119) and the Eve Cot mattress (£135).

Eve Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals 2020: A closer look

In the run-up to the 2020 event, Eve teased us for ages with meagre 15% discounts, before unleashing its Black Friday sale on Thursday 26 (with Black Friday the following day). The 2020 Eve Black Friday deal offers discounts across the full range, with the biggest discount on the cheapest Lighter range (35% off), 25% off the Originals, and 20% off the top-end Premiums. This offer ran until a couple of days after Cyber Monday.

Although most Eve mattress deals throughout the year apply to just one mattress line, we typically see a blanket offer across the range over Black Friday. In 2019, Eve knocked 20% off all its mattresses and bedding. In 2018, Eve cut £120 off the price of its mattresses. But we've since seen a few better deals (30-35% off) from Eve, albeit typically only on one mattress type at a time. The lesson here is that if the mattress you want is on offer ahead of Black Friday, it's probably worth just buying it then and there.

It's also worth looking outside of Eve to third-party retailers: the best Eve mattress discount in 2018 came via Amazon, where the price was cut by up to 40%. We'll be reporting on all deals, from Eve and elsewhere, on this page. 

So what about this year? Well, we certainly wouldn't expect the a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Eve mattress deal of less than 20% off, and we'd hope that the brand would at least match the best offers from the rest of the year (so more like 35% off). It might be that Eve follows its current pattern and offers a deal on just one of its mattresses. 

Eve doesn't seem worried about matching the bigger discounts offered by competitor brands (the best Emma mattress discounts and Simba mattress deals can knock 40% off, for example). But it's a cutthroat market, so there's certainly scope for the price cuts this year to be a little bigger.

How to get the biggest Eve mattress discount

The mattress business is incredibly competitive, which means there's almost always a way to cut a healthy chunk off the bottom line, whether it's via coupons and promo codes or through a direct discount from Eve. 

There are several times of year where you're likely to see the best Eve mattress discounts. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, at the end of November, are traditionally times to make the biggest savings, as are Christmas, winter and January sales.

But we've increasingly been seeing offers of a similar calibre throughout the year – particularly in February and March (as retailers start to sell-off the previous year's stock), and also on Amazon Prime Day (usually in July, but this year October 13-14) and in August, during the summer sales.

Expired Eve mattress deals

Here's a quick look at the deals you've missed, so you can get a better idea of the kinds of discounts you can expect from Eve.

Eve Black Friday 2020 deal | Up to 35% all mattresses
The Eve mattress Black Friday sale is here with some incredible savings across its entire mattress range. There's 20% off its premium mattresses, 25% off its originals, and 35% off its lighter mattresses. There's also 20% off bedframes, plus deals on some pillowcases and duvet covers.View Deal

EXPIRED Eve Premium Hybrid (double) | Was £978 | Now £831.30 | Save £146.70 at Eve
The new eve Premium Hybrid is a 28cm hybrid with five thick layers of premium foam and over 1500, full-sized pocket springs. It's topped with a washable, antibacterial, anti fungal and anti microbial  cover. 

EXPIRED Eve mattress deal | 15% off everything
The current Eve deal's not a bad offering – in exchange for your email address you'll get a discount code entitling you to 15% off all purchases over £500, as well as £10 off your own cuddly Eve sloth. You could save up to £187, which isn't bad at all. 

EXPIRED Eve mattress deal | 30% off the Eve Original  
October 2020 The popular Eve original includes 3 layers of breathable next-gen foam, with contour zones to fit to your body (read our full Eve Original mattress review for more... we loved it). Right now, there's 30% knocked off the price, meaning you could save up to £270.View Deal

EXPIRED Eve mattress deal | 30% off the Eve Original Hybrid
October 2020
This month, Eve is running a mattress sale on its Original Hybrid. This popular mattress includes 800 full-sized pocket springs, plus supportive and cooling foam layers, and promises "25cm of cloud-like comfort". View Deal

EXPIRED Eve mattress deal | 35% off the Original and Light Eve mattresses
September 2020 The popular Eve original includes 3 layers of breathable next-gen foam, with contour zones to fit to your body (read our full Eve Original mattress review for more... we loved it). The Light range is a simplified, cheaper version. Both are available in all-foam or a hybrid springs-and-foam version (with price drops across both). View Deal

EXPIRED Eve mattress deal | 20% off the Eve Premium Hybrid
July 2020: The Eve Premium Hybrid is "hybrid mattress heaven", with 1500 full-sized pocket springs and three layers of Eve's next-generation foam. We gave it a Highly Commended in the T3 Awards 2020. View Deal

EXPIRED Eve mattress deal | 30% off the Eve Hybrid
June 2020: The Eve Hybrid promises to deliver top-to-toe support and unbeatable comfort via 650 full sized pocket springs and a layer of Eve's unique foam. And there are plenty of extremely positive reviews to back up this claim.View Deal