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Best PS4 games 2020: play great PlayStation 4 games

These are the best PS4 games available today, from Sony's awesome exclusives to third-party must plays

Final Fantasy VII Remake review
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Welcome to T3's best PS4 games guide for 2020. This guide has been carefully curated to provide a top-tier roundup of only the very best PlayStation 4 games available today. Every game on this list has won our approval, so you can be sure that each one of these titles deliver and would be a great addition to your PS4 collection.

Since its release in 2013, the PlayStation 4 has built a library of diverse and rewarding games playable on the vanilla PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro. So, we've gathered together the creme de la creme of third-party must-haves and first-party exclusives for your choice of PS4. We've even included the very best and brightest for PSVR.

There are some amazing games available right now on PlayStation 4, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Marvel's Spider-Man, Apex Legends, God of War, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Death Stranding, Control, Days Gone, Untitled Goose Game, Resident Evil 2 and many more. PS4 has a huge library of great games and more are still to come in 2020, including The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and more.

And now's a great time to build out your PS4 games library with some of these amazing titles. That's because we're now firmly in the first half of the year game, which is prone to see some seriously impressive sales at game retailers. This is because so few new games get released in the few first months of each year publishers and retailers try to maintain sales by slashing profits on their existing game stock. As such, there are not just loads of top PS4 games to play right now, but many are available at tasty discounted price points, too.

And, as you're a fan of all things PlayStation, as well as bringing you the best PS4 game deals here in this guide, we've also got dedicated guides to the best DualShock 4 deals for all your PlayStation controller needs, best PS4 deals for all your console needs, as well as all the best PlayStation VR deals going right now as well in case you're looking to expand your PS4's capabilities.

With all that said, here is T3’s definitive list of the best PlayStation 4 games you can get your hands on right now.

The best PS4 games available to play right now: get the best PlayStation 4 games for your collection

Best PS4 games 2020

Ghost of Tsushima has already proved a hit, having one of the most successful launches ever on PS4.

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Ghost of Tsushima

A samurai epic during PS4's swansong

Reasons to buy
+Gorgeously realised take on Feudal Japan+Challenging but rewarding combat+Bushido Blade meets Tenchu

Sony's investment in its first-party studios continues to pay dividends with the release of another successful new IP on PS4. Ghost of Tsushima comes from Sucker Punch, the same studio that welcomed in the PS4 with Infamous: Second Son. Thankfully, its new project has a lot more personality that that six-year-old middling open-world experience.

Ghost of Tsushima tells the tale of an island community that faces the brutality of an invading Mongol army, and how one man's samurai code will be pushed to its limits in the struggle for survival. The sword combat can be challenging - evoking the speed and positioning of For Honor - but with a strong focus on stealth (think Tenchu), there's plenty of room for creative samurai/ninja action. 

Best PS4 games 2020

While it's very much a faithful recreation of the original, the developers have incorporated many of FF's evolved systems.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy VII Remake

A classic reborn for a new generation

Reasons to buy
+That same FFVII magic+ABS is still a great combat system+Addition of side-mission content

The remake of Final Fantasy VII has been in development for so long the current generation of consoles is now nearing the end of their time at the top of the hardware mountain, but fondness has indeed made the heart grow fonder as the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake arrives on PS4.

The game a full-on remake of the original, with the same story of Cloud Strife and co, only now with contemporary - and frankly, gorgeous - visuals that really bring the world back up to date while retaining that futuristic quality. Combat and exploration incorporate real-time and turn-based elements, and the addition of side-missions and more open-world elements only helped elevate an already stellar experience. This is also the first half of the game, with a second and final instalment still in development.

Best PS4 games 2020

Expect huge battles that fit into the Dynasty Warriors-style mould with Pirate Warriors 4.

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

A pirate-themed musou with bags of personality

Reasons to buy
+Continue the story of the long-running anime/manga+Complete missions while smashing hordes of enemies

The 'musou' genre isn't exactly waning in popularity, with that Dynasty Warriors template - where one or more players takes on hundreds of enemies in large, open-ended sandboxes - extending to other popular franchises including Fire Emblem and The Legend of Zelda. In fact, one of the most popular is based on popular Japanese anime One Piece, and its fourth instalment looks to be the biggest one yet.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 continues the long-running anime's story, featuring a huge number of playable characters including Straw Haws legend Luffy and many more. To break up all that melee action you can also complete various mission types as you unleash piratical chaos  across large, open-ended maps.

Best PS4 games 2020

Exploring a photorealistic Raccoon City with Jill Valentine really is something else.

(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil 3

A classic survival horror gets the remake treatment

Reasons to buy
+Great visual makeover+Over-the-shoulder perspective+No more tank controls

When Resident Evil 3: Nemesis first arrived in 1999, if offered up a survival horror experience that maintained the building dread of the first two games while adding in a more action orientated setup with more enemies and bigger set-pieces. And, of course, the seemingly invulnerable Nemesis creature that pursued you periodically. In 2020, that same game is getting the modern remake treatment, with all the same horror tropes brought up to date with new voice acting, photorealistic visuals and more.

Alongside the more third-person shooter approach to gameplay, the remake also includes a four-player co-op mode called Resistance, which sees you and up to three other players battling the mutated undead in an intense PvE setup that's a welcome addition to an already impressive package.

Best PS4 games 2020

The demons you need to slay are tougher than ever, so expect plenty of new weapons with which to deal death & justice.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

DOOM Eternal

The revitalised shooter returns

Reasons to buy
+An bigger and bloodier campaign+Use executions to gain armour, health and more+New Battle Mode adds different take on multiplayer

Four years on and Bethesda's reboot of DOOM continues. DOOM Eternal takes the bloody and powerful take on the classic corridor FPS - where you, the titular Doomguy, takes on the forces of Hell in a gore-soaked fight for the future of humanity. Its campaign is ridiculous fun - where you'll use your trusty super shotgun to blast demons into pieces. A good twist this time around sees certain execution styles producing different drops (such as health and armour).

The traditional multiplayer deathmatch modes featured in the 2016 reboot, instead opting for a more objective-focused approach with Battle Mode. Here, you'll find a number of fun ways that take smaller player counts - such as one that pits one player as the slayer, and two others as demons - and offers fun setups that are all about using demonic powers and modifiers.

Best PS4 games 2020

Nioh 2 might sound like another Dark Souls rip-off, but Team Ninja's new offering is truly its own challenging beast.

(Image credit: Team Ninja)

Nioh 2

A confident swing of the blade

Reasons to buy
+Some incredible boss fights+Yokai form offers tactical nuance+Intricate level designs

While many wrote off the first Nioh as nothing more than a 'Souls-like' (a game similar in style and difficulty as the popular Dark Souls series), Team Ninja proved the mix of Japanese folklore and creative enemy design could be a real winner (especially when FromSoftware's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice failed to live up to the hype). With Nioh 2, the team has introduced new ideas while doubling down on the memorable boss fights and the small margin for error.

Unlike the likes of The Surge 2 - which also falls into this same 'genre' - Nioh 2 introduces new ideas to the mix to help carve out its own identity. The strength and fluidity of its combat model (which is far more aggressive, similar in some ways to Bloodborne), and the addition of new weapons (such as the switchglaive and the dual hatchets) alongside more powerful yokai attacks makes this a real treat for those that love a deep and nuanced challenge. 

Best PS4 games 2020

Dreams comes from Media Molecule, the creators of Little Big Planet, another fine creative suite and PlayStation exclusive.

(Image credit: Sony)


A creation suite like no other

Reasons to buy
+Incredible creative options+Create your own games and more+A truly unique exclusive

There are plenty of games out there built around the idea of creation - Minecraft took over the gaming world with the premise, after all - but few have been able to hold a candle to Media Molecule's output. LittleBigPlanet helped gamers create their very own platforming wonders, but with Dreams - its long-gestating new project - players can do create almost any style of game or experience.

You can control and manipulate everything from animations and assets to backgrounds and textures. Consider Dreams as a blank canvas on which you can create everything from first-person shooters to fully-fledged sports sims. You can also share your creations with others, and even splice one project into another. Some games are so convincing you wouldn't even know it was created in Dreams with a DualShock 4 controller.

Best PS4 games 2020

There are a lot of different enemy variants to take down with traps, rifles, elemental weapons and more.

(Image credit: Rebellion)

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Co-op undead slaying

Reasons to buy
+Follow-up to Zombie Army Trilogy+Mixes Sniper Elite with Strange Brigade+Great enemy variety

With a new Sniper Elite in development (and a couple of well-received ports to Nintendo Switch), Rebellion has turned its attention to one of its other WW2-set franchises. Zombie Army 4: Dead War firmly picks up the baton from Zombie Army Trilogy, offering up a co-op focused third-person shooter that manages to be ever louder, sillier and more bombastic than its predecessors. If you've never heard of the series before, it combines the creative zombie hordes of Left for Dead and combines it with the razor-sharp ballistics the Sniper Elite series has been perfecting since the PS2 era.

Rebellion has taken a few elements from its underrated new IP Strange Brigade, which a bigger focus on co-operative play and elemental powers that enable players to call down bolts of lightning and summon jets of fire. It's very silly, and incredibly tongue in cheek, but it's also far more tactical than, say, Call of Duty's long-running Zombies mode. It's certainly not a reinvention since the last game, and it lacks the simplistic purity of the main SE series, but as a co-op shooter it's great fun.

Best PS4 games 2020

You can access every single costume released for all three entries in the Batman: Arkham trilogy.

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Batman: Arkham Collection

The definitive collection of Rocksteady's Bat trilogy

Reasons to buy
+Asylum, City and Knight on one disc+All Batman skins and DLC expansions+Great value

As the current generation enters its twilight years, PS4 players are able to experience some of the best games of that generation (and the one that preceded it) in handy collected editions. Enter the Batman: Arkham Collection. Collecting together one of the most visually impressive games of this gen (the five-year-old Arkham Knight) with the remastered versions of Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, now you can experience Rocksteady's entire action-adventure trilogy in all its glory.

The game includes every piece of DLC released for all three games - including the huge raft of skins that were produced for Arkham Knight back in 2015 - so the sheer amount of content on offer is staggering. It's frustrating that the collection doesn't include the criminally underrated and consistently overlooked Batman: Arkham Origins, but despite this omission it's still an impressive package that's packed with value.

Best PS4 games 2020

While its looks might not be up to FIFA or Madden's standards, it's still a decent step-up from Rugby 18.

(Image credit: Big Ben Games)

Rugby 20

If first you don't succeed, try, try again...

Reasons to buy
+Vastly improved tactics system+Updated AI provides better realism on the pitch+Graphically better looking than Rugby 18

Rugby games never quite ascended to the quality levels of football, gridiron and basketball, but over the years we've had some really great (if slightly wonky) simulations. Unfortunately, those days seem like a distant memory as most entries (bar the decent Rugby League Live series) tend to be a little too low budget to really compete with modern tastes. Rugby 20 hopes to dispel those connotations with a package that's a definite step-up from the mess that was Rugby 20.

For a start, it's visually a noticeable improvement. We're nowhere near FIFA levels of facial scanning, but overall players look more like humans than dressed potatoes. On-pitch AI has also been overhauled, with players behaving and reacting with far more realism as phases develop. This ties directly into Rugby 20's strongest improvement - its new tactics system. Working in a similar fashion to the tried and tested playbook system from Madden, you can now adjust and execute key plays to ensure you claim rugby glory domestically and on an international scale.

Best PS4 games 2020

You can play through the Career mode in AO Tennis 2 solo, or play cooperatively with a friend in doubles.

(Image credit: Big Ant Studios)

AO Tennis 2

Big Ant Studios hoping to avoid a double fault

Reasons to buy
+Career mode update adds some story elements+On-court action is fast & responsive+Plenty of opportunities to train in the academy

When tennis games used to be in vogue, the likes of Virtua Tennis and the Top Spin series helped walk the challenging line between Mario Tennis-style arcade action and proper sports simulation. And while the AO Tennis franchise isn't quite up to that standard - not yet, at least - AO Tennis 2 is a significant step in the right direction with new changes to career mode, on-court mechanics and more.

The success of EA's recent narrative-laced career modes (such as FIFA's The Journey) has clearly had some influence on Big Ant Studios' direction for AO Tennis 2, with lots of story beats peppered in among matches and training. It's nothing particularly revolutionary, but it does help make an extended play far more rewarding. You can create both a player and new courts in the academy, and relive classic moments from tennis history in the scenario editor (before you start designing your own).

Best PS4 games 2020

If you've never had a chance to play the Yakuza series yet, this is simply the best way o do so.

(Image credit: SEGA)

Yakuza Remastered Collection

The Kiryu saga is complete

Reasons to buy
+Every Yakuza from 0 to Book of Life+Missing content has been readded+1080p and 60fps for every entry

While everyone's been overjoyed/disappointed with the long-gestating return of Shenmue, the Yakuza series has been quietly mastering the same formula for 15 years, and over the course of seven main games (and two spin-offs) it's grown into one of the best games to ever come out of Japan. The entire saga of gangster turned family man Kazuma Kiryu - from his earliest days as an enforcer in the 1980s to the dramatic finale in Yakuza 6: Book of Life - are finally collected together for Western fans to enjoy on a single platform.

With so many different entries to cover, SEGA has gone out of its way to create performance parity between each one, so expect 1080p and 60fps from all versions. Content that was taken out of the Japanese versions for their respective Western releases have mostly been restored as well, so every remake and remaster will be as complete as can be when you bought this collection up on PS4.

Best PS4 games 2019

AVICII Invector was created in memory of the late Swedish DJ Tim 'AVICII' Bergling.

(Image credit: Wired Productions)

AVICII Invector

A colourful and upbeat tribute to the late Swedish DJ

Reasons to buy
+Fast & frenetic music-rhythm action+Featuring some of AVICII's biggest hits+Support for solo and local multiplayer

Back in 2015, Swedish DJ Tim 'Avicii' Bergling began working with developer Hello There Games to create an action-rhtyhm game that combined his own musical creations with serene and engaging visual landscapes. When he took his own life in 2018, the Swedish studio chose to continue with the game and finish it in his memory.

The result is a fast and frenetic experience much in the same vein as Amplitude, where you guide a ship along a colourful track in time to some of Avicii's biggest dancefloor hits. It's not the most challenging of games out there, but with support for both single and multiplayer sessions and a suitably killer soundtrack, it's a great way to have fun and support the mental heath awareness and suicide prevention foundation established in Bergling's name.

Best PS4 games 2020

You can steal items and leave them in hard to reach places as part of your mischievous goosey exploits.

(Image credit: House House)

Untitled Goose Game

Have a goosey gander

Reasons to buy
+Cute & mischievous puzzle game+Play pranks on unsuspecting villagers+Dedicated honk button

One of the most acclaimed indie games of the year has finally come to PS4. Yes, House House's sleeper hit Untitled Goose Game has waddled onto Sony's top console hardware, bringing with it an unusual mix of exploration, environmental  and avian hi-jinx.

You play, unsurprsingly, a goose, who has decided to unleash its inner demon and start terrorising the unfortunately situated residents of a local village. Chase people into their homes, steal special items and adorn the occasional hat in your quest to cause bird-based chaos.

Best PS4 games 2020

If you've never played a Doom game and you've always wanted to try one, then the DOOM Slayers Collection is the perfect way to experience them all.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

DOOM Slayers Collection

The evolution of an FPS classic in one package

Reasons to buy
+Include Doom, Doom II, Doom 3 and DOOM (2016).+Four classic shooters together at last.+Great way to fill the gap before DOOM Eternal in 2020.

Shooters might be all about online services, battle passes and loot these days, but they can all trace their lineage back to one iconic blueprint - Doom. The original paired intricate level design with punchy gunplay, and here it's finally packaged together with the games that follows in its footsteps - Doom II, Doom 3 and the 2016 reboot of sorts, DOOM.

Doom II was very much a bigger and more intense version of the original game, while Doom 3 went a little bit left field with a greater focus on horror. The most recent version tapped back into Doom's roots with a bloody and brilliant single-player campaign and a set of multiplayer death match modes that tapped back into classic FPS shooters. Now they're all together in one package. Grab it now before DOOM Eternal stomps more demons in 2020.

Best PS4 games 2020

The robotic minions of Skynet come in all shapes and sizes, so be prepared to adapt to survive.

(Image credit: Teyon)

Terminator: Resistance

It's life after Judgement Day in this sci-fi FPS

Reasons to buy
+Use stealth & gadgets to outsmart Skynet+Battle lots of iconic Terminators+Multiple endings to unlock

The Terminator franchise hasn't had the smoothest of rides in the world of video games, and all those less than desirable tie-ins certainly haven't helped. Polish developer Teyon is hoping to change that with Terminator: Resistance, a first-person shooter based in the war-torn future where humanity fights for survival against the robotic onslaught of Skynet.

While there are plenty of opportunities to go in guns blazing, Resistance is quick to point out that you're constantly at a disadvantage. You'll need to scavenge for resources and use stealth to outmanoeuvre iconic machines such as the T-800. Think of it as one of the more recent Wolfenstein games, only on a far smaller scale and a much smaller budget. Still, with lots of endings to unlock, there's a fair bit of replay value to be had.

Best PS4 games 2020

Threats come in all shapes and sizes and not every situation can be solved with a well-placed long-range headshot.

(Image credit: CI Games)

Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts

Unleash your inner sniper with this improved FPS sequel

Reasons to buy
+Bullet physics are on point+Lots of tactical options+Multiple missions per map

While Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 proved to be a misstep for developer CI Games (sometimes a game can be on too big a scale to maintain quality throughout), Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts isn't exactly scaling things back too far. Rather than one large map, the game has broken its missions into a handful of massive sandboxes, each with a key target to hunt down and slay.

Long-range sniping is still the dish of the day, and depending on the difficulty you settle on, everything from wind speed to bullet drop will affect how successful your shots are. You'll also need to use stealth to sneak into locations, as well as seeking out missions around the map to earn more cash and potentially unearth intel that might make killing your main target a little easier.

Best PS4 games 2020

Like martial arts? Like dialogue? Love toy vending machines? Shenmue III is the sequel for you.

(Image credit: Sony)

Shenmue III

A threequel, 18 years in the waiting

Reasons to buy
+An authentic addition to the Shenmue world+Learn lots of new martial arts+All the dialogue you could want!

Only The Last Guardian and Half-Life 3 have garnered as much fan dedicated as Shenmue III, with everything from social media campaigns to petitions demanding that Sega finally give the sandbox martial arts simulator the threequel it deserves. And Sega finally listened - well, after a very successful Kickstarter and some considerable investment from Sony - and the game no one thought we'd ever see is finally here. And it's fine. It's very much a continuation of the series, for better and for worse.

It's very in the same vein as the previous two games, with stoic hero Ryo exploring rural China as he searches for his father's killers. There are new martial arts disciplines to use, characters to meet and talk to and all sorts of arcade-style activities to complete. Some might argue the Yakuza games perfected this formula in the interim, but Shenmue 3 still manages to infuse the mundane with the magical. It's more of a double-A than a triple-A game in terms of looks and quality, but if you've always wanted a faithful sequel to the first two games, this will make your Christmas.

Best PS4 games 2020

If you like long cutscenes - Metal Geat Solid IV long - then you'll really dig Death Stranding's narrative-driven experience.

(Image credit: Sony)

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima proves there's life after Metal Gear

Reasons to buy
+Unusual mix of action of slow exploration+Decima engine is put to good use+Star-studded cast

Having had a very public break from publisher Konami following the tumultuous development and eventual launch of Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain, legendary Japanese developer Hideo Kojima needed a fresh start for his next project. Sony offered him a new home, and with a considerable budget, PS4 exclusivity and all the freedom he needed to 'be Kojima', the result has arrived. And it's certainly different.

Starring the likes of Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and more, Death Stranding is all about connecting different human colonies in a post-apocalyptic version of North America. There's the occasional horror moment, and some stealth, but it's mostly a game all about carrying packages across America. It's a slow experience, but one that looks gorgeous and has some genuinely clever moments.

Best PS4 games 2020

Most Imperial forces lack Force powers or lightsabers, but they can still put up a fight when they set eyes on you.

(Image credit: EA)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The force is finally unleashed on PS4

Reasons to buy
+Compelling story set between Ep III & IV+Non-linear levels hold plenty of secrets+Combat offers plenty of challenge

Star Wars has had a rocky relationship with video games over the last few years. The Force Unleashed duology offered up near limitless force power creativity, but did so at the expense of a credible, canonical story. While EA's Star Wars Battlefront II had a decent if forgettable story and a vastly improved multiplayer suite completely overshadowed by a microtransaction system that barely made it into the final game. So a LOT of eyes are on Titanfall and Apex Legends developer Respawn for the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Fallen Order offers up a single-player, story-driven experience that taps into the early years of the Empire following Order 66, with a fledgling young jedi forced out of hiding and into a battle for his life, and the survival of the order. Levels are non-linear, so there's a Dark Souls-esque approach to exploration and opening up new shortcuts. Combat is fast and frenetic, while force powers offer neat ways to dispatch stormtroopers, alien beasts and more.

Best PS4 games 2020

You can play The Outer Worlds like a straight shooter, or choose more tactical and diplomatic routes to success.

(Image credit: Obsidian)

The Outer Worlds

If Fallout, Mass Effect and Borderlands had a baby...

Reasons to buy
+Deep skill customisation+Really great writing and quest design+Multiple ways to play each quest

Great sci-fi RPGs can be hard to find these days, especially with Mass Effect having taken a giant misstep for mankind with Andromeda and the most recent Fallouts leaving something of a bad taste in the mouths of fans. But with The Outer Worlds, developer Obsidian - which previously worked on the buggy yet well-received Fallout: New Vegas - has managed to recreate the magic of exploring brand new worlds with interesting storylines and nuanced combat.

While you can play it as an open-ended first-person shooter, there's simply so much more to be found. You can use the time dilation mechanic (think Fallout's VATS system) to pick key weaknesses and apply special effects. You can use Companions to pull of special abilities, or apply certain flaws or statuses that directly influence everything from gunfights to dialogue. You mod and tinker with weapons, improve your build with new perks and approach quests from almost any angle (from quiet stealth to peaceful dialogue-driven resolutions). It's a brilliant addition to the action-RPG genre and a must for any PS4 owner.

Best PS4 games 2020

MediEvil has already been remade once with MediEvil: Resurrection on the PSP (made by the team that made the first game).

(Image credit: Sony)


A remake of a PS1 classic, just in time for Halloween

Reasons to buy
+Plenty of variety in combat+More challenging than the original+Plenty of new secrets to uncover

The late '90s was the 'golden era' of 3D platformers for a reason. From Banjo-Kazooie and Tomb Raider to Spyro the Dragon and Mario himself, these were the years where everyone wanted a memorable platforming mascot. SCE Studio Cambridge's answer was a one-eyed, undead knight called Sir Daniel Fortesque. Full of gallows humour and a bestiary of monstrous creatures, MediEvil became something of a hit, even despite its many bugs. The 2019 MediEvil is less of a remaster and more of a full-on remake with familiar levels and bosses reimagined for a new generation.

MediEvil is very true to the original, right down to its mechanical issues. Levels are still a challenging mixture of platforming, puzzle-solving and hack 'n' slash combat. Bosses are still relatively easy to cheese. You'll still rune around killing enemies so you can fill your soul-filled chalice. But there's also plenty of moments of clipping or unresponsive jump inputs. It's frustrating, but it's also very faithful to the frustration of the original. Stick with it though, because there are so many nods to the original.

Best PS4 games 2020

Special Ops is Modern Warfare's answer to Zombies, offering up a tense co-op experience all about teamwork and objectives.

(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The shooter that took over the world is back

Reasons to buy
+Brand new engine changes overall gunplay+Deep weapon customisation in Gunsmith mode+No DLC packs - all post-launch content is free

When the original Modern Warfare trilogy wrapped up in 2011, Infinity Ward hoped to move onto bigger and better things. 2013's Ghosts proved a popular yet divisive new chapter, but the inconsistent quality and heavy sci-fi focus of 2016's Infinite Warfare saw developer Infinity Ward finally decide to return to the franchise that put it on the map. Rather than conjuring up a direct sequel, 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reboot of sorts. Well, a reboot that has a younger Captain Price.

While this new COD does break some traditions - adding in a single-player campaign (which was missing from last year's Black Ops 4) and dropping mainstay Zombies in favour of a Special Ops mode (first seen in Modern Warfare 2 a decade ago) - that classic multiplayer formula returns. A new game engine helps introduce new mechanical features such as interact-able doors and your gun being raised while sprinting. But with a fresh approach to post-launch content and progression (no paid DLC map packs and all weapons unlocked through play) and no loot crates, this could be the most accessible COD in years.

Best PS4 games 2020

Much like the first Yooka-Laylee, the Impossible Lair is full of creatively-themed levels to explore.

(Image credit: Team17)

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

The platforming duo shake off the retro

Reasons to buy
+Learn the skills needed to beat the Impossible Lair+Collect secrets in a puzzle filled over-world+Fast and challenging platforming levels

While the original Yooka-Laylee was very much an ode to the 64-bit golden age of 3D platformers - much of the team at Playtonic Games are ex-Rare devs, after all - its follow up, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, doffs its cap to the challenging levels of the Donkey Kong Country series while embracing some light RPG ideas and some creative, level-changing mechanics.

The titular Impossible Lair can be accessed from the start of the game, but you'l likely die in the first few minutes. But that's okay. You're meant to fail so you can go and complete the rest of the game, build up your repertoire of skills (and a shield made of bees, no less) and then take on the final boss run. Explore a top-down overworld then complete fast side-scrolling levels where you down special tonics that change the look, sound and feel of the world around you!

Best PS4 games 2020

While you can set more realistic physics, Grid is very much a more arcade-centric racer.

(Image credit: Codemasters)


Codies' answer to Forza & Gran Turismo gets a reboot

Reasons to buy
+Race Touring cars, muscle stock and more+Hyper-realistic damage model+Compete against your unique nemesis driver

The original GRID was an attempt to take Codemasters' long history and expertise in the virtual racing world and apply it to a multi-discipline experience that could compete with the likes of Gran Turismo and Microsoft's Xbox One exclusive alternative, Forza. While its sequel lost some of that mainstream appeal by doubling down on the realistic autosport aspect, this soft reboot of the series hopes to create a more accessible racing experience that caters to both rookies and seasoned veterans.

The new Grid features a huge array of racing disciplines to work your way through, covering everything from basic racing hatchbacks all the way to high-end Formula beasts. The career mode offers six distinct disciplines to follow, so there's plenty of replay value for those looking to maximise their time on the track. There's even a mode featuring Fernando Alonso, who served as a consultant on the game. So there's that, too! 

Best PS4 games 2020

You start off with a very basic weapon, but any piece of gear can be salvaged and used if you cut off the right limb to end a fight.

(Image credit: Focus Home Interactive)

The Surge 2

Another Souls-like action-RPG from Deck13

Reasons to buy
+Parry system is tough but rewarding+Loot specific parts in battle with limb targeting+More diverse setting in Jericho City

While Lords of the Fallen - Deck13 Interactive's first swing at a proper action-RPG - tried to emulate Dark Souls' formula and dark fantasy aesthetic a little too closely, it hit upon something a little more original with 2017's The Surge. Swapping castles and knights for futuristic factories and cyborgs, this new IP used limb targeting and the ability to repurpose enemy weapons and armour to upgrade your own character. The Surge 2 doesn't rewrite this formula, instead it simply enhances your options with builds (ie, classes), a more diverse enemy roster and, of course, far more options when it comes to customisation.

With a more diverse setting in Jericho City, you can now explore and unlock new shortcuts, making each new run that little bit easier. Combat is still challenging, but you can augment your character to give on-screen prompts to help with parrying and blocking. There are also far more builds to choose from, so you can design a class that suits your particular playstyle. And with more enemies than ever, you can loot, craft and upgrade with new armour pieces and weapons.

Best PS4 games 2020

Volta Football is all about guiding your created character through a narrative driven 11v11 mode.

(Image credit: EA)


FIFA heads back to the streets

Reasons to buy
+VOLTA mode revives FIFA Street+New improvements enemy AI+All the major competitions and leagues, all in one place

With the regular football season already in full swing here in the UK, the imminent arrival of a new FIFA looms on the horizon. FIFA 20 doesn't bring too many major changes to gameplay, bar improvements to AI-controlled players that enhance the flow of play, but it does introduce a new mode known as VOLTA Football. Designed as a callback to the days of FIFA Street, VOLTA offers 17 locations around the world for some high-intensity 11v11 action.

With narrative elements akin to the now completed The Journey storyline, VOLTA takes many of the elements that make World of Chel in the NHL series so popular - character customisation, timed events and creative stadium designs - and gives it a fusbal, FIFA Street-esque spin. Elsewhere, the manager side of Career mode has been updated to include more player agency, and there's a couple of new modes in FUT.

Best PS4 games 2020

Borderlands 3 doesn't try to break its own mould, but it does offer a fun if messy co-op shooter experience.

(Image credit: 2K)

Borderlands 3

Claptrap and co return for another round of looter shooting

Reasons to buy
+More gun variations than ever+New Vault Hunter classes are much improved+More enjoyable story and worlds

The original Borderlands offered something very different back in 2009, splicing together the constant allure of loot with a co-operative first-person shooter. Jump ahead by a decade and that formula has been become a very familiar sight, so what does Borderlands 3 offer to make itself stand apart? Well, not very much, but that's clearly by design. Borderlands 3 preserves its own systems and mechanics in amber, offering the same open-world environments and the same ever-flowing font of enemies to kill and guns to collect.

Much like Borderlands 2, entry number three simply increases the scale at which you shoot and collect things. You'll now explore a more diverse set of new worlds, offering a start change from the drab canyon locales of the original game. Missions are also far more varied than 'Go here, kill this' instructions. The game's humour - something the series has sometimes nailed, and other times failed to pull off - is also a stronger this time around. It's puerile, yes, but actually funny in places for once.

As before, you play through the whole thing in single-player, play locally in co-op or hook up with your friends/matchmade strangers online. Playing as a squad is always the best way to enjoy Borderlands, although at launch BL3 does have some issues with slowdown when playing online, especially when in a gunfight with a little too many enemies. It's not consistent, but enough of an issue for Gearbox to look into.

Best PS4 games 2020

While NBA 2K20 is running on quite an old engine, Visual Concepts is still pushing out some impressive graphics.

(Image credit: 2K)

NBA 2K20

The court is in session

Reasons to buy
+VC grind is much shorter+Position lock reduces overstacked team in MyTeam+New 3v3 mode in Pro-Am

One of the best - if not the best - annual sports simulators on the planet is back, bringing with it a set of small yet very impactful changes to the flow of play. NBA 2K20 has now placed greater focus on realistic traits between positions, so smaller players are now faster, while larger players are more dominant physically.

The 'road to 99' is now shorter as a result, with less of a grind to earn VC, as developer Visual Concepts wants players to invest in multiple 'builds' geared towards key positions and roles. Microtransactions are there, but progression no longer feels quite as choked by them. The Neighborhood social hub has a new layout, while Pro-Am supports a welcome 3v3 mode.

Best PS4 games 2020

MXGP 2019 has an improved Compound - now known as the Playground - and its full of activities and things to do.

(Image credit: Milestone)

MXGP 2019

Two-wheeled racing returns to the muddy slopes

Reasons to buy
+Updated training hub, the Playground+Build your own motorcross tracks+New modes and deeper rider/bike customisation

Italian developer Milestone Team has been mucking about in the racing simulation genre for years now, and one of the series its improved upon the most is the mud-kicking world of MXGP. The big jumps, slides and spectacular crashes of motocross translate very well to videogames, and MXGP 2019 continues the franchises combination of arcade handling and realistic bike/rider physics.

MXGP 2019 also sees some of the biggest changes to the series since the series move to the Unreal Engine for MXGP 3, namely in the inclusion of a new sandbox Playground hub (think the hub from Descenders or the Neighbourhood from the recent NBA 2K games), new modes aim to add a little more fun to the realism (Waypoint looks like a great addition) and - finally! - an actual Track Editor to build your own mud-caked courses to share online.

Best PS4 games 2020

Control takes the gunplay of Max Payne and combines it with the reality-bending ideas of Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment)


Paranormal goings on in New York City

Reasons to buy
+Unleash powers such as telekinesis and shields+Battle horrific monsters in a building that warps and changes

Remedy Entertainment certainly has ambition. It managed to take the bullet time concept of The Matrix and applied it to a gritty tale of vengeance in Max Payne, explored new narrative techniques with a horror twist in Alex Wake and successfully combined a TV show and a game with Quantum Break. So, naturally, its latest game combines elements of all three.

Control puts you in the newly appointed boots of Jesse Faden, an agent for the Federal Bureau of Control, a secret government agency created to monitor and control paranormal activity. Locked in the 'Oldest House' HQ in New York things go awry and Jess must learn to manifest her powers and survive the threat of an entity known as the Hiss.

Best PS4 games 2020

Remnant: From the Ashes is a co-operative RPG shooter, similar to Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

(Image credit: Gunfire Games)

Remnant: From the Ashes

A survival action shooter from the makers of Darksiders

Reasons to buy
+Three-player co-op experience+Dynamically generated worlds+Fight colossal bosses

Having developed the Darksiders series for the better part of a decade (including last year's underrated Darksiders III), Gunfire Games is finally ready to launch its first proper new IP. Remnant: From the Ashes breaks from the studio's previous mould, embracing a co-operative survival shooter model that'll be instantly familiar to anyone that's played The Division series.

Unlike the Tom Clancy games, Remnant is more of a fantastical take on the post-apocalypse, where a nightmare from another dimension has ravaged the Earth. Multiple locations both on our home planet and in other realms offer lots of diverse open maps to explore for loot and gear, with XP levelling and giant bosses to fight.

Best PS4 games 2020

As with anything even loosely based on HP Lovecraft's work, The Sinking City leans heavily on the effects of insanity.

(Image credit: Frogwares)

The Sinking City

Get your feet wet in this survival horror romp

Reasons to buy
+Detective-style gameplay with a horror twist+Unusual approach to an open-world setting

Having cut its teeth for many years on the most recent Sherlock Holmes games (including the buggy yet enjoyable Crimes & Punishments and The Devil's Daughter), developer Frogwares has taken that familiar detective structure and applied to even Gothier setting. Taking cues from the works of HP Lovecraft, the Ukrainian studio steers things towards more of an unsettling horror direction.

Rather than self-contained levels, The Sinking City takes an open-world approach, with your trusty boat enabling you to visit all manner of isolated areas. You sanity can become frayed if you witness too many horrific sights, so you'll need to marshal your nerves as you attempt to solve the mystery of the city that's been claimed by the waves.

Best PS4 games 2020

There are six different factions to choose from at launch, and each one differs wildly with its unit designs and abilities.

(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Build an empire amid the stars

Reasons to buy
+Tactical turn-based combat with a sci-fi twist+Use diplomacy, politics and combat to win+Single-player campaign & support for multiplayer

There are strategy games, and then there are '4X strategy games', with their grand scale battles and continent-sized webs of politics, intrigue and diplomacy. The latest instalment in the Age of Wonders series, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, moves the action to a sci-fi inspired future that aims to follow in publisher Paradox Interactive's own heritage with the brilliant Europa Universalis series.

Using a procedurally-generated map, you'll start out with the choice of six factions at launch, each with their own unique history, units and tactical preferences. You can explore planets, exploit multiple biomes for resources, broker trade deals and even declare all-out war. You can build interstellar navy fleets and even engineer your own doomsday weapons.

Best PS4 games 2020

Being able to play as ten officially licensed teams from the college level will definitely appeal to hardcore gridiron fans.

(Image credit: EA)

Madden NFL 20

The one and only gridiron simulator returns

Reasons to buy
+New personalised story campaign+Player progression system+Full franchise mode and more

It's that time of year where all the big sports simulators start to return, complete with new line-ups, refreshed cover stars and updated content. The first one out of the tunnel and into the arena is Madden NFL 20, EA's unrivalled gridiron sim. All the classic modes such as Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team all return, with the story mode now replaced with a brand new experience.

Face of the Franchise: QB1 replaces The Longshot, utilising a structure similar to Superstar mode (last seen in Madden NFL 06), where you'll take a personalised quarterback from college level to the NFL. Ten licensed college teams will feature, with plenty of famous faces thrown in for good measure. A new Superstar X-Factor system is also in effect, enabling you to utilise key abilities for some of the league's biggest playmakers.

Best PS4 games 2020

Adding in proper co-op for the first time really makes a difference, especially with Youngblood's more open-ended level design.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfie goes Dishonored in this co-op shooter

Reasons to buy
+First modern Wolfenstein to feature co-op gameplay+Non-linear level design gives missions multiple routes to completion+Customise your character with skins & emotes

Ever since Bethesda revived the Wolfenstein franchise in 2014 with The New Order, we've been treated to an increasingly violent and equally creative shooter series that's always finding new ways to kill Nazis in its alt-history setting. The third full entry in this modern re-imagining is set in the '80s, in a timeline where the Third Reich used advanced technology to win WW2.

Clearly influenced by one of Bethesda's other popular series, Dishonored, Wolfenstein: Youngblood marks something of a departure. Firstly, you can play through the entire campaign in co-op, opening up all manner of tactical opportunities. Secondly, with a base of operations as your central hub you'll now be able to tackle missions with more freedom. Oh, and it's got a killer synth-wave soundtrack.

Best PS4 games 2020

You can execute enemies in a variety of grisly ways - with the Enhanced Edition adding in even more gruesome moves.

(Image credit: Koch Media)

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition

An old school top-down brawler with a thirst for blood

Reasons to buy
+Unique kill system keeps violence varied+Support for local co-op+For fans of classic shooters such as Loaded

While the niche for games such as Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is quite specific - i.e those looking for an uncomplicated top-down experience that gets its kicks by getting creative with violence - it does scratch that itch with gusto. In Redeemer, you play Visily, a former Russian merc who finds his attempts to build a new life as a peaceful monk ruined by his past life. Like every great '80s gruff action hero, Visily is a man with a set of skills that turn him into a cross between Kratos and Rambo.

Whether with your bare hands, with a hammer or with a variety of firearms, Redeemer: Enhanced Edition doesn't complicate things with too much exposition. It simply lets you loose with deadly intent, with the ability to dispatch enemies with quiet assassinations, messy executions and more. You can even disarm your opponents (quite literally in some cases) thanks to a handy parry system. Support for local co-op has been added in, as has a new perk system and more ways to bludgeon your foes to jam.

Best PS4 games 2020

Being able to play cooperatively with up to three other players makes questing and building three times more fun.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Get building and crafting with this co-op creation sim

Reasons to buy
+Build together with up to three other players online+More building and crafting options than ever+Large open world filled with unique regions

Like most things from Japan based on a series that's infinitely more popular in the East than it is in the West, it took the original Dragon Quest Builders just under a year to make it to the West. It was worth it though, because the mix of Dragon Quest themed RPG questing and Minecraft-esque building really worked. Now its sequel is ready to launch on over here on PS4 and Switch and it's even bigger, bolder and more expansive than ever.

Unlike the previous entry, DQB2 is now fully co-operative with support for both offline and online multiplayer with up to three other players. Being able to explore its much larger open-world (which is filled with tons of new regions, each with its own specific items for mining and crafting) with friends makes all the difference. You can even swim and fly now, which makes navigating terrain so much more enjoyable.

There's a great focus on growing and harvesting this time around, with the option to help till soil and nurture crops for better yields. And when you're not supporting villages and towns with food, you'll be out and about fighting lots of familiar DQ monsters. If you're playing solo, you'll also have the mysterious Malroth keeping you company on your quests. Overall, it's an improvement on the original in almost every way, and a fine alternative to Minecraft and the like.

Best PS4 games 2020

The latest addition to Final Fantasy's online iteration is jam-packed with new content, including new jobs and locations.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

The latest big expansion for Square Enix's FF MMO

Reasons to buy
+Level cap increased from 70 to 80+New playable race and job+Brand new areas and dungeons to explore

While Final Fantasy XV was the last major instalment in the franchise (bar the FFVII Remake that seems destined to remain in development forever), Final Fantasy XIV continues to improve itself with new updates. Much like The Elder Scrolls Online, this MMO has steadily built up a dedicated following, and its latest expansion - Shadowbringers - delivers its fans a raft of new locations, enemies and other fresh additions.

You can now play as a new race (the Viera), take on a new job (including the Gunbreaker) and explore plenty of fresh locations (such as he Rak'tika Greatwood, Amh Araeng and Il Mheg). You can play through the entire Shadowbringers story solo (alongside some classic FF characters) or do the whole thing as a squad of players.

Best PS4 games 2020

Judgement is still set in the Yakuza 'universe', so expect to run into a few familiar faces along the way.

(Image credit: SEGA)


Yakuza spin-off pops its detective hat on

Reasons to buy
+Familiar (and satisfying) meaty combat+Subtly ties into Yakuza universe+English dub also included

With the story of Yakuza deftly brought to a close in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life three years ago (well, in Japan at least), developer Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has been hard at work on a new title that fits into the same universe while trying to offer something a little different. And by that we mean it's basically another Yakuza game, only without main hero Kiryu and some additional mechanics focused on detective work.

While the attempts to weave in more of a procedural crime noir feel doesn't always work - those sleuthing and suspect pursuit systems never feel natural - but Judgement does a fine job of updating the combat model of Yakuza 6 to make this the most satisfying entry in the series to date. Kamurocho has never looked better, and PI Takayuki Yagami makes for an interesting lead. Judgement also sees a full English dub included alongside the native Japanese voice-track.

Best PS4 games 2020

It might not have the magical quality of Mario Kart, but CTR is still a fun and enjoyable kart racer that's still a riot to play.

Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled

Bandicoot racing is back on PlayStation

Reasons to buy
+Features all the game modes from the original+Race online or in local multiplayer tournaments+Extra karts and tracks from Crash Nitro Kart included

Gamers love a bit of nostalgia, especially when those memories of yore are brought up to date with modern visuals and mechanics. So with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy proving such a hit with fans, Activision is keeping to the same formula with a contemporary remake of classic PS1 racer, Crash Team Racing.

It's no great invention of the silly arcade racer. You'll still power slide around tracks filled with dinosaurs, lava flows and more. You'll collect wumpa fruit and smash through crates just like those 32-bit glory days. This version supports online multiplayer, and includes extra karts and tracks from the PS2-era Crash Nitro Kart.

Best PS4 games MotoGP 19

Want one of the most realistic virtual racing experiences out there? This is the high-speed sim for you.

MotoGP 19

Burn rubber through MotoGP's long history

Reasons to buy
+Official riders and tracks from MotoGP to Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup+Become a Race Director+New historical challenge races

Italian developer Milestone has become the go-to studio for two-wheeled motorsport simulators, and with the latest Monster Energy Supercross game already under its belt, it's returned to the tarmac for the annual entry in the MotoGP series. MotoGP 19 brings with it a slew of new features alongside improved racing physics and all the latest riders and tracks from across multiple race types.

This year's incarnation comes with a new mode that recreates some of the most memorable moments and legends from MotoGP's past, including more than 50 legendary riders, over 35 bikes and three additional historical tracks. And that's alongside all the modern era content as well. Add the option to play as a Race Director in multiplayer and you've got one much improved racing sim.

Best PS4 games 2020

Skyrim's dragons became one of its most beloved highlights, so can TESO: Elsweyr live up to that legacy?

The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

The latest expansion of ESO finally arrives on console

Reasons to buy
+Return to Elsweyr for the first time since TES: Arena+New necromancer class+Battle dragons, Skyrim-style

While we'll probably be waiting a considerable amount of time before we even see a proper glimpse of The Elder Scrolls VI, ZeniMax Studios has been confidently keeping the ESO fires burning with its long-running MMO. The third and latest mega expansion, The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, introduces the land of the khajiit (a location not visited by the series since '94's Arena) and finally brings dragons back into the mix.

Those talking winged beasts were one Skyrim's most memorable highlights, so expect to battle plenty of them as you undertake over 30 hours of new quests and gameplay. There's the introduction of the highly anticipated necromancer class as well as new large-scale dragon attack world events to bring the community together.

Best PS4 games 2020

You'll travel across a variety of locales in war-torn France, each filled with dangers to avoid and characters to meet.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A poignant tale that mixes horror and stealth

Reasons to buy
+Use stealth and cunning to survive+Great mixture of puzzles, stealth and horror+A well-utilised historical setting

Set in medieval France during the 100 Years War, A Plague Tale: Innocence is a story-driven adventure that's not afraid to show the realities of life amid war, sickness and persecution. You'll step into the shoes of Amica, a nobleman's daughter who feels with her sick brother in tow while the Inquisition chases them into the heart of rural France.

Amica isn't particularly savvy in combat to begin with, so you'll switch between using your sling to distract enemies, knock them out or use hordes or ravenous rats to take them out. These hungry rodents move like waves and will kill anything in sight, leading to some tense uses of fire and light in the darkest of caverns and crypts. With stealth and environmental puzzles aplenty, A Plague Tale offers an unexpectedly satisfying journey into the past.

Best PS4 games 2020

There are less playable characters than Transformed, but there are a lot of brilliant Sonic-themed tracks to make up for it.

Team Sonic Racing

Sumo Digital delivers another brilliant racer

Reasons to buy
+Join forces with AI/players for special team powers+Support for online and local four-player splitscreen+Lots of Sonic legacy Easter eggs

When Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed dropped in 2012, British studio Sumo Digital took its promising work with Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and built a solid kart racer that felt both familiar to Mario Kart fans and refreshingly different. Six-and-a-half years on and the transforming vehicles are gone, but in their place is a racer that doubles down on the smoothness of its driving model.

Team Sonic Racing, as the name suggests, places an onus on working together with your team. Whether you're playing solo with/against the AI, or in online/local races, you'll team up to increase one another's boost, protect teammates or unleash powers that will send your competitors flying. A fine return to form for the hedgehog that's got to go fast.

Best PS4 games 2020

You can use a variety of crazy vehicles to traverse the dystopian open-world of Rage 2, including a zippy little hover bike.

Rage 2

Chaos and mayhem in the wasteland

Reasons to buy
+Mix powers and weapons to unleash hell+A large open-world to explore+Danny Dyer voiceover DLC

The original Rage was set to inherit the mantle of Doom and Wolfenstein, but id Software's open-world shooter despite a technically impressive game engine and some suitably atmospheric environments, ended up being quite underwhelming back in 2011.

So for its unexpected sequel, id has teamed up with Just Cause and Mad Max developer Avalanche to create a first-person shooter that does away with the post-apocalyptic seriousness and embraces a more slapstick approach to its shooter violence.

You can upgrade a series of augmented powers - such as the ability to create blast enemies into the air and power slam into the ground - and combine them with a variety of overpowered weapons, including the deadly wingstick (think of a Frisbee, but it's made of knives) as well as a Doom-level loud combat shotgun.

Some old friends and locations from the first game remain present, such as Dr. Antonin Kvasir and the town of Wellspring, and the ludicrous kill box that is Mutant Bash TV also returns.

Rage 2 is more akin to Bulletstorm and Borderlands than the original Rage, with the game constantly empowering you to charge in and try to cause as much mayhem and carnage as possible, rather than play slow and safe to stay alive, and after we think that's no bad thing.

Best PS4 games 2020

When it comes to Sony's exclusive properties, Everybody's Golf is a perfect fit for PSVR's immersion.

Everybody's Golf VR

Taking to the fairway in VR

Reasons to buy
+Full golf sim in VR+Use your PSMove controller as a club+Three full courses and a driving range

Rather than proving itself to be a passing fad, virtual reality has quitely been improving on itself with enhanced hardware and even more ambitious games. The PSVR continues to be one of the most popular commercial platforms, and Sony isn't going to abandon like it did PS Vita. It's latest first-party release, Everybody's Golf VR, looks to take the family friendly series and immerse you in its club-swinging action like never before.

You can use your PSMove controller like a club, so you can take full swings down the fairway and tap the ball into the hole when putting on the green. There are three full courses to explore, a driving range for perfecting your swing and there's even an interactive caddie that will accompany you around as you play.

PS4 games

Freakers will hunt you, in small groups and in giant hordes, but you'll also try drive them out by destroying their nests.

Days Gone

Terror on two wheels

Reasons to buy
+Some great VO performances, despite a wonky script+Freaker hordes can be a real challenge+Bike handling feels great

Sony has been really hitting it out of the park with its recent run of PS4 exclusives, and it's hoping Days Gone will keep that trend going. And while the story of Deacon St. John - a grizzled biker living in a world ravaged by a zombie-like infection - doesn't quite live up to the likes of God of War or Detroit: Become Human, it's take on the post-apocalyptic open-world is definitely worth playing.

Your trusty motorcycle works much like your equally trusty steed in Red Dead Redemption II, so you'll need to look after it and keep it in good working order if you want it perform when you need it to. So that means looking for scrap to perform repairs and fuel to keep you tank filled to the brim. You can use stealth to your advantage, using lures to send hordes of Freakers to attack human enemies, or you can go all out and blow heads off with shotguns. It's easy to become overwhelmed, but that sense of desperation is part of Days Gone's tragic charm.

Best PS4 games 2020

The same facial animation tech used for Injustice 2 returns for MK11, making for some incredible character models.

Mortal Kombat 11

Test your might

Reasons to buy
+That classic, weighty combat model+Customise your character post-fight+Impressive raft of modes

Mortal Kombat X was a big step forward for the gore-loving western fighter series, but in between developer NetherRealm Studios produced the brilliant Injustice 2 and it's this entry that's had a huge impact on Mortal Kombat 11. Alongside the different variants that affect your moveset and playstyle, you can now customise your character with different costume pieces so you can build your very own take on Scorpion or Raiden.

Alongside these improved and added systems, there's an elaborate single-player storyline spanning the entire MK saga (including revisiting classic versions of the cast), a robust online mode and tons of daily ladders and challenges to keep you playing each day. And with lots of special characters likely to be added with DLC over the next year, there's plenty of reason to test your might in 2020.

Best PS4 games 2020

Ghost Giant has all the charm and colourful sense of character you'd expect from a Zoink Games production.

Ghost Giant

An adorable interactive diorama of a game

Reasons to buy
+A puzzle game with a unique twist+Beautifully-rendered world+Unique use of PSVR

Swedish studio Zoink Games is fast becoming one of the most exciting developers on the indie scene. When it's not making intuitive platformers chock full of irreverent humour (Flipping Death, Stick it to the Man) it's building ethereal worlds full of secrets and interactive storytelling (Fe). Its latest project continues that unpredictable creative trend with Ghost Giant, a VR-focused affair all about a little boy and his friendship with a - you guessed it - ghost giant.

As the titular big fella, Ghost Giant enables you to interact with its world almost like a series of dioramas. You can open up houses in full 3D, look inside to see what its occupants are up to and solve puzzles therein. As the invisible friend to a well-meaning but easily victimised little boy, Louis, you'll soon form a bond with your tiny pal as help affect the world around him. Beautifully designed and full to the brim with charm, Ghost Giant is a PSVR must-have.

Best PS4 games 2020

It's not just the visuals that have been upgraded for the remaster. Some key systems, such as crafting, have been overhauled.

Assassin's Creed III Remastered

A classic historical adventure returns

Reasons to buy
+New visual improvements+Updated systems such as crafting

It's been six and a half years since Ubisoft attempted to move the Assassin's Creed series beyond franchise star Ezio, and while the series has gone onto bigger and better things - including the open-ocean piracy of Black Flag only a year later - ACIII remains a bold if flawed entry. Thankfully, Ubisoft has given this tale a new lease of life with Assassin's Creed III Remastered.

This new version upgrades the visuals with a new lighting model that gives the fledgling United States an even more captivating look than the originals, while a handful of quality of life improvements (such as enabling access to certain weapons via crafting) helps elevate this remaster above the previous iterations. It might seem a little creaky compared to Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but it's still got plenty to offer.

Best PS4 games 2020

Most survival games pit you against zombies or monsters, but not Left Alive. This game forces you to fight off mechs, of all things.

Left Alive

A new survival shooter from Square Enix

Reasons to buy
+From some of the developers behind Metal Gear and Xenoblade Chronicles X+Use stealth and traps to defeat giant mechs

Bringing together some legendary names from Japanese videogame development and anime - including Toshifumi Nabeshima (director, Armored Core series), Yoji Shinkawa from Kojima Productions (character designer, Metal Gear Solid series), and Takayuki Yanase (mech designer, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Xenoblade Chronicles X) - Left Alive attempts to combine the stealth of Metal Gear with the giant mech combat of the Armored Core series.

There are three characters to choose from, each with their own branching storylines, so there's plenty of narrative to make your way through and with a mixture of stealth and third-person gunfights, you'll get a healthy mix of action when you're battling armoured troops and even angrier mechs.

Best PS4 games

Kills are all about well-timed executions, channeling that classic Souls trope of earning every victory.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware's post-Dark Souls adventure arrives

Reasons to buy
+Learning curve and open level design similar to DS+Focus on blade strikes and swordplay is thrilling+Ability to scale buildings and vertical structures

Following the excellent Bloodborne and the equally thrilling Dark Souls III was always going to be a challenge, but Japanese developer - much like its hardcore fanbase - rarely backs down from a challenge. The result is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a confident step forward for the studio that blends some of the elements its made a name for itself with, while adding in new mechanics and ideas that take those familiar ingredients in a welcome new direction.

Rather than building a character like a traditional action-RPG, Sekiro eschews these levelling systems in favour of a greater focus on combat and exploration. Battles are now all about wearing your opponent down before striking a killing blow, making it more akin to the combat system of For Honor than Dark Souls. There's the option to stealth entire areas and a grappling hook on your prosthetic arm enables you to scale buildings in seconds.

Best PlayStation 4 games to play

Expect plenty of questionable outfits for both the male and the female fighters on DOA6's roster.

Dead or Alive 6

The technical 3D fighter proves its worth

Reasons to buy
+Rewarding 'triangle' fighting model returns+Frightening amount of customisation+Plenty of modes

With the current console generation now approaching its twilight years, fighting game fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to both 2D and 3D fighters. The Dead or Alive series has been around for a long time, and while it spends a little too much time kitting out its female (and male, but mostly female) roster in revealing outfits, the fighting model itself is solid. Dead or Alive 6 doesn't stray too far from this formula, but adds in just enough new modes to keep things fresh.

There's a decent story mode to sink your teeth into, and while it's nothing on the likes of Injustice 2, it does help give each major character a little time in the limelight. There's also a whole host of training modes, which are incredibly helpful to newer players hoping to refine their skills before heading online. Gameplay-wise, the biggest change is the focus on escape moves that help break combos and stop one-sided affairs (which makes a huge difference when playing online). Just watch out for the expensive DLC and season passes.

Best PS4 games in 2020

As with the first game, The Division 2 is all about playing online with a team of friends/strangers.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The apolitical co-op shooter returns

Reasons to buy
+A more diverse setting+Loot is numerous and more significant+Gear offers a lot more support options

Despite delays and a fair few technical problems, Tom Clancy's The Division nevertheless offered a robust take on the online shooter/RPG model, combining cover shooting, loot, PvE missions and PvP arenas into one giant package. The Division 2 takes this same formula, moves the action from Manhattan to Washington DC and makes enough important changes to elevate this well above the first game.

Loot is now far more numerous, and missions offer a little more variety to their structure and storytelling. You're still fighting gangs of marauders, murderers and thieves, but with a brand new location that offers far more diverse environments, The Division 2 plays like a step in the right direction for the series. Co-op is a big focus, with support items - such as drones that heal teammates and portal gun turrets you can manual assign targets - helping transform you into a crack unit of agents.

Best PS4 games of 2020

Devil May Cry 5

Dante and co and back to raise hell

Reasons to buy
+Familiar fast-paced hack-'n'-slash action+Incredible looking graphics+Hideaki Itsuno back at the helm

It's been a while since we last saw the Devil May Cry series dust off its pistols and try for that coveted S Rank. In 2013, the series had something of a reboot with DmC: Devil May Cry with demon-slaying hero Dante getting a makeover and a foul mouth for his troubles. Devil May Cry 5 sees development duties brought back in house to Capcom, with veteran director Hideaki Itsuno returning to the franchise and DmC seemingly now existing as an experimental spin-off than a full entry in the series. But Capcom hasn't waited on its laurels in the intervening years, and DMC5 looks set to be the most exciting entry in years.

For a start, it looks incredible. Itsuno and his team have aimed for a hyper realistic aesthetic, even going as far as to have fabrics scanned in order to recreate every texture in the world. Expect brothers/allies/enemies Dante and Nero to unleash mayhem with their mix of acrobatic gunfights, melee kills and over-the-top powers. Considering how well Resident Evil has been revived in recent years, we have high hopes for DMC's future.

Best PS4 games for 2020

Trials Rising will feature plenty of post-launch content in the form of new tracks and customisation items.

Trials Rising

Two-wheeled mayhem returns

Reasons to buy
+Best Trials since Evolution+In-depth tutorial system+Killer soundtrack

It's been almost five years since the last time Trials crashed its way into our hearts, and developer RedLynx has spent that time making one of the best entries in the series yet. While it's no grand reinvention of the classic formula, Trials Rising ticks the right boxes in almost every area. There are countless tracks to compete on, which gradually increase in difficulty and complexity, as well as a ton of customisation options as you level up and earn loot crates.

You can compete online with other like-minded players, compete in skill and trick-based tournaments and even create your party games locally. The Track Editor also returns, enabling you to build your very own courses - however crazy your ideas might be - then share them online for players across multiple platforms to enjoy.

Best PlayStation games

Anthem's all about playing online and playing together, so it's not for single-player enthusiasts.


Embrace your Destiny in Bioware's latest sci-fi adventure

Reasons to buy
+Flying the jetpack-style javelins is incredible+Cataclysms make for amazing world events+Lots of customisation options

With the next Dragon Age deep in development and Mass Effect taking a step back after the commercial and critical failure of Andromeda, developer Bioware is taking its experience with building rich RPG worlds and applying it to the world of MMO online shooters. The result is Anthem, a cross between Destiny's co-operative battles and Warframe's third-person gunplay/melee action.

With a rich world to explore (with unique weather cycles that terraform the topography periodically), tons of loot to collect, and all the customisation you could want for your javelin, Anthem is set to be one of 2019's most important releases. The flying mechanic alone are worth the price of admission.

Best PS4 games 2020

Rather than collecting money, you'll collect resources to build weapons and vehicles.

Far Cry New Dawn

A post-apocalyptic semi-sequel/spin-off

Reasons to buy
+Craft makeshift weapons and vehicles+Enemy rankings make gunfights a little more tactical

It's only been a year since Far Cry 5 gave us a grand open-world in the form of Hope County's bombastic playground, but the series is back once more with a sequel set 17 after one of that game's post-apocalyptic endings. The land has now been reclaimed nature, and with a small community to protect you'll be going up against a gang of neon-loving marauders known as The Highwaymen.

Don't expect any grand changes to the formula with Far Cry New Dawn, but do expect a slightly smaller map and a streamlined approach to crafting and combat. You'll still fight to control Outposts, but you can now salvage them, lose them to your enemies then reclaim the for more resources. New Expeditions missions offer trips outside Hope County, while the option to craft new makeshift weapons plays perfectly into its Mad Max-esque aesthetic.

Metro Exodus best ps4 games

The third title in the Metro series of video games, Exodus sees you leave the city of Moscow to travel across post-apocalyptic Russia.

Metro Exodus

The immersive FPS survival horror series broadens its scope dramatically

Reasons to buy
+Satisfyingly violent combat+Visually very impressive+Immersive world and narrative

The Metro series of games returns with a brand new, far more expansive third title in Exodus, which sees the player break free of the claustrophobic confines of ruined Moscow and its labyrinthine metro system and venture out into the wilds of post-apocalyptic Russia.

This broadening of its scope, though, hasn't changed what made the first two Metro game FPS delights, with the immersive survival and RPG aspects like maintaining and customizing your weapons and gear, as well as undertaking realistic actions like wiping condensation and detritus from your gas mask's viewing window and changing its filter, still very much in residence.

These small, atmosphere-building details when combined with a bombastic combat system where gunplay feels natural and very deadly make every mission or exploration genuinely engaging, while the fact that the game comes loaded with multiple different endings means that the player genuinely gets the finale they deserve.

The first properly good FPS of 2019, Metro Exodus is without doubt one of the best PS4 games you can currently play on Sony's generation-winning console hardware.

Best PS4 games 2020

Kingdom Hearts 3 is jam-packed with some of the most memorable Disney locations ever.

Kingdom Hearts 3

The Disney-loving franchise finally gets its third instalment

Reasons to buy
+Some of the most lavish locations yet+Toy Story and Pirates settings are brilliant

It's taken so long to arrive we were half expecting it to never come out, but Square Enix has finally made good on its promise to round off the long-running Kingdom Hearts series with a full-on current-gen extravaganza. Kingdom Hearts 3 continues the series' love of combining long-winded storylines with much-loved Disney characters with everyone from the cast of Toy Story to the chilly crew from Frozen getting a look in.

Expect more hack and slash combat, but with a refined battle system and some of the biggest sandbox levels yet. Packed with secrets, Disney lore galore and enough collectibles to keep you searching for months to come, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the top-form successor to KH2 we've all been waiting for.

Best PS4 games 2020

Resident Evil 2 is more than just a remake - it's a classic story and setting combined with all the improvements that followed it.

Resident Evil 2

A survival horror classic gets the remake treatment

Reasons to buy
+Raccoon City has been completely rebuilt+Over-the-shoulder camera makes such a difference

Survival horror has plenty of classics to its name, but few hold as much significance to fans and critics alike as the original Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 2, which originally launched in 1998, is still considered one of the best because it nailed the right mix of action, horror, exploration and puzzles.

Turn the clock forwards to 2019 and Capcom has completely remade that milestone in gaming, with every part of Raccoon City remade with modern visuals and mechanical improvements in mind. Those fixed camera angles are gone, with a RE4-style over-the-shoulder view making all the difference, and some top-notch lighting upping the nightmarish atmosphere.

Best PS4 games 2020

The PSVR missions are stomach-wrenching, but incredibly immersive and a great use of Sony's headset.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

A return to form in the virtual skies

Reasons to buy
+Mix of arcade and simulated dogfighting+Single-player and multiplayer modes+Support for PSVR

It's been a long time since the last proper instalment in Bandai Namco's long-running fighter plane series, and while the intervening years saw the franchise air towards arcade dogfights, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown manages to bridge the gap between the two. The result is an exhilarating exercise in simulated flying, intense aerial fights and the clever use of dynamic clouds as cover.

Along with support for multiplayer modes, and a zeitgeisty Battle Royale mode, the PS4/PS Pro versions also support PSVR. You can't play the whole game in VR, but there are some select missions that will test how good you are at fighting motion sickness and enemy planes.

Best PS4 games 2020

It might be ten years old, but TOV is still a classic JRPG that's as fresh as the day it originally released.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

A classic JRPG gets the anniversary treatment

Reasons to buy
+Enhanced HD visuals+Japanese PS3 exclusive content included

The Tales series has been around since the SNES, and for more than 20 years its produced some of the best JRPGs to ever grace the genre. Tales of Vesperia, originally released on Xbox 360 in the West back in 2008, is one such example and Bandai Namco is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a nice Definitive Edition.

This version includes updated visuals, an enhanced soundtrack and all the costumes and extra content that was previously exclusive to the Japanese PS3 version. If you loved it the first time round, or you're brand new to the series, this is a must-play addition to your collection.

Best PS4 games download

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom perfectly balances nostalgia and modern improvements in one gorgeous package.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

A classic platformer gets the spiritual successor it deserves

Reasons to buy
+Captivating hand-drawn animations+Over 15 hours of platforming adventures

Serving as a spiritual successor to the Wonder Boy games - a series of platformers that combined open-ended exploration with challenging combat and a variety of magical creatures to transform into - Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom offers six different forms to take and over 15 hours of gameplay to enjoy.

With hand-drawn animations that give every scene a magical anime aesthetic - and a soundtrack written by legendary Japanese composers Yuzo Koshiro, Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane, Keiki Kobayashi and Takeshi Yanagawa.  If you enjoyed Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, you'll love this.

Best PS4 games 2020

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Kiryu's epic story bows out in style

Reasons to buy
+Engrossing Yakuza storyline conludes+Vast array of silly side-activities and quests

The Yakuza series has been going since the days of PlayStation 2, and after three console generations the Japanese RPG brawler is finally ready to bring its story to a close. Set in modern day Japan, the sixth numbered entry in the franchise doubles down on everything that's made the previous entries so much fun, including its arcade combat, silly side-activities and enough side-quests to keep you playing well into 2019.

It's also a really good place to jump into the series for newcomers, but if you're a seasoned member of the Yakuza family, you'll find this a fine swansong to a series that's spiritually succeeded Shenmue for over a decade.

Best PS4 games 2020

You can smash cars from any angle, including landing on top of them after grabbing some serious air.


A team-based racer with a difference

Reasons to buy
+Intense team-based racing action+Inventive approach to track design

There's been plenty of memorable racers this year, but while everyone has gone crazy for the likes of Forza Horizon 4, there's been a few titles virtual petrolheads shouldn't overlook. Onrush, which comes from a studio formally known as Evolution Studios (it of Motorstorm fame).

Onrush takes the co-operative nature of a hero shooter and throws it into an off-road racing setup, where certain abilities can help heal your teammates or give them a speed boost. With a ton of modes and rulesets, a near endless amount of vehicle customisation and a slew of tracks to chew up, Onrush is one of the most underrated games of year.

Best PS4 games 2020

Following a long hiatus, the Valkyria Chronicles series returns with one of its strongest instalments yet.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

A tactical RPG with a chilly exterior

Reasons to buy
+More of that special tactical RPG action+Hitoshi Sakimoto's epic soundtrack

With its alternative history take on World War 2 - where fictitious nations battle for control of the continent of Europa - the Valkyria Chronicles series has always set itself apart with its western military aesthetic and anime character designs, and it continues that trend with aplomb in Valkyria Chronicles 4.

With a snow-swept new setting, a brand new soldier type in the form of the Grenadier, and a new Brave system (which enables you to use downed squadd-mates to inspire others to greater deeds) the franchise continues to prove that tactical battles and RPG mechanics can work in harmony.

Best PS4 games 2020

WWE 2K19

A phenomenal entry in the wrestling sim series

Reasons to buy
+Return of Showcase mode+Faster, less-simulated action

Over the last few years, the WWE 2K series has taken plenty of cues from the NBA 2K games with more of a simulated approach to its wrestling action. Well, developers Yukes and Visual Concepts have listened to fan feedback and decided to return to a more arcadey setup that leads to faster and more fun matches.

That shift in gameplay pace is joined by the return of Showcase mode, which follows the WWE history of Daniel Bryan through some of his most famous rivalries. There's also the return of the faction-driven Road to Glory mode and new Mortal Kombat-style towers. Easily the most accessible entry in the franchise in years.

Best PS4 games 2020

You can switch between the new soundtrack, and Stuart Copeland's whimsical originals, at the touch of a button.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Three PS1 classics, reborn from the flames

Reasons to buy
+All three Spyro games, fully remade+Plays just like those classic games+A faithful recreation from start to finish

With Sony presumably tinkering away behind closed doors on what will likely one day reveal itself as the PS5, the platform holder has been digging through its exclusivity archive and remaking some of the classics from the PS1 heyday. First it was Crash Bandicoot: N'Sane Trilogy, and now we've Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Toys for Bob (one of the studios that gave Spyro some short-lived new relevance in the Skylanders series) has remade all three of the original PS1 games with a faithful recreation of every world, hub, enemy and mini-game. There's even a brand new soundtrack based on Stuart Copeland's brilliant original scores. A perfect treat you warm you up this Christmas.

Best PS4 games PlayStation games

NHL 19

A return to form on the ice, and one of the best PS4 games to play this Xmas

Reasons to buy
+New player progression system+Improved physics and momentum

The NHL series, of all of EA's long running sports franchises, holds one of the best track records for quality, but that means it does occasionally struggle to out-do itself and truly innovate. Thankfully, NHL 19 manages to take the series forwards with some new enhancements to on-field play that make every check, turn and swipe of the puck that bit more realistic.

There's also a new World of Chel system, which uses something as simple as a persistent XP system to track your progress across multiple modes, so every game feels like its part of a connected whole.

Best PS4 games to play

Battlefield V has a free road map of content updates known as the Tides of War.

Battlefield V

World War Two gets another modern FPS makeover

Reasons to buy
+Some of the best multiplayer maps yet+Single-player campaign+Free DLC and content updates

Call of Duty: WW2 wound back the clock last year, and now EA and DICE's grand shooter series is doing the same, returning to its roots for a full-scale FPS experience that doesn't hold back.  Featuring some of the biggest, and the most creative, maps in the franchise, multiplayer boasts plenty of modes (including the multi-tiered Grand Operations). There's even a single-player campaign for those that sorely missed it in this year's Black Ops 4.

There's also an upcoming content schedule, including new maps, new modes, new weapons and vehicles and a battle royale mode that's set to launch in March 2019. Did we mention all DLC is free to every player?

Best PS4 games 2020 and also best PlayStation 4 games, too

Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually a prequel to the original Red Dead and ties into it in multiple ways.

Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the greatest games of this generation

Reasons to buy
+Brilliant story set during the end of the Old West+Incredible world-building+Dynamic and detail-rich open-world

Much like Grand Theft Auto V before it, Rockstar's latest opus - the Wild West-set Red Dead Redemption 2 - is a landmark in modern gaming. Eight years of development has produced an open-world filled with some of the best writing you'll play this generation (from the main story to dynamic encounters littered across its plains, swamps, mountains and deserts).

You can dual fellow gunslingers, break in and bond with wild horses, hunt some legendary animals in the wild and follow a narrative that shows a United States in a state of transformation as the Old West (and the outlaw life) finds itself about to be swallowed by the arrival of the modern era. It's an incredible piece of art, and a game you simply have to own on PS4 or PS4 Pro.

Best PS4 games 2020 best playstation games

With a terrifyingly-huge of options to choose from, every playthrough offers a new way to off your targets.

Hitman 2

Agent 47 returns for another sandbox assassination extravaganza

Reasons to buy
+Builds on sandbox formula of the 2016 reboot+Biggest and most detailed environments yet+Sean Bean is one of your targets

Back in 2016, IO Interactive took the sandbox assassination sim that was Hitman and breathed new life into its classic formula. Here and now the much-anticipated sequel takes the elements that made the first Hitman such a success - huge levels to explore, filled with myriad ways to kill a specific target - and simply turns the dial to 11.

Rather than releasing the game episodically as it did with the first game, IO Interactive is releasing Hitman 2 as a full-game alongside Hitman Sniper Assassin 2 and the first of its timed Elusive Targets, played by none other than Sean Bean!

Best PS4 games 2020

Fallout 76 isn't a single-player game like Fallout 4, but an online world much like The Elder Scrolls Online.

Fallout 76

It's time for Reclamation Day

Reasons to buy
+First proper MMORPG set in the Fallout universe+Game world as big as Fallout 4+Filled with NPCs, quests and secrets to uncover

A lot of detractors thought the fantasy RPG lore of The Elder Scrolls couldn't work as an online experience, and then along came The Elder Scrolls Online with its vast worlds and co-op gameplay. Now Fallout 76 is here, and it's ready to do the same thing for the irradiated plains of West Virginia.

You can party up on a server and play with friends, or go it alone, with a huge array of quests to undertake and complete, gear to collect, and all manner of mutant monsters to evade/destroy/loot. Classic mechanics such as the VATS targeting system and the SPECIAL progression setup all return, although they've been tweaked to fit an always-online experience.

Best PS4 games 2020

God of War brings the character of Kratos out of his PS2 roots and gives him a three-dimensional story that elevates him as a result.

God of War

Fatherhood and fatalities, God of War is a killer PS4 exclusive with heart

Reasons to buy
+Best GoW yet+Rejuvenated combat system+Compelling (and lengthy) story campaign

Having killed every last deity and godly creature on Mount Olympus, the walking mountain of muscle and rage known as Kratos wrapped up the original God of War trilogy in a pool of blood and satisfaction. 

So where to go next? To the halls of Norse mythology of course, with a new beard (and a new son) in tow.

The end result is God of War re-imagined with a new combat model, a lavishly designed semi-open-world and a story that’s not afraid to pull on the heartstrings while you’re killing monsters and the like.

It also looks absolutely stunning on PS4 Pro, acting as a technical showcase for just what Sony's pixel-pushing powerhouse console can do.

Best PS4 games Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition

The best PS4 game of 2019 for traditional RPG enthusiasts

Reasons to buy
+Deep, tactical combat system+World is vibrant and full of life+Genuinely funny and well written 

The superlative traditional RPG adventure comes to PS4 in the form of Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition, a remarkably good console port that retains everything that made the PC original an out and out hit.

Fans of those classic RPGs from the 1990s, such as Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment will immediately feel right at home in Divinity 2, with a detailed character creator, immersive world and narrative, interesting companions, complex and deep tactical combat system, and unsurpassed freedom to learn what skills you want and to go where you want, too.

With thousands of small improvements and enhancements, this edition of Divinity: Original Sin 2 is truly definitive, and a must-play for anyone with an interest in the RPG genre.

Best PS4 games and best PlayStation 4 games Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man

Insomniac gives the Web-Crawler the game he deserves

Reasons to buy
+Best web-swinging mechanics since Spider-Man 2+Fantastic Spider-Man story+Fluid combat rivals Batman: Arkham series

It's been a long time since Marvel has had a video game that's achieved the popularity and acclaim that DC has enjoyed for years thanks to the Batman: Arkham series.

Well, that's all changed thanks to Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games, which has given everyone's favourite Web-Head an open-world adventure that encapsulates his powers and taps into the comic's classic lore to create something new, fresh and exciting.

There's a reason this game has already overtaken God of War as the fastest-selling exclusive on PS4.

Best PS4 games and best PlayStation 4 games

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Lara's origins bow out in style

Reasons to buy
+Best Tomb Raider since Underworld+Combat finely tuned to stealth+Far more elaborate tombs and crypts

With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy proving that Naughty Dog's treasure hunting series was far from retirement age, it's up to Crystal Dynamics - and new series main developer, Eidos Montreal - to step up and prove Lara Croft still has what it takes to show Nate, Chloe and co who the real tomb raider is.

Thankfully, Shadow of the Tomb Raider more than raises the bar, with some the biggest set-pieces, elaborate tomb designs and some of the biggest sandbox hubs ever. Combat is now more geared towards hunting and stealth, enabling Lara - and you - to feel like a true predator when you're not hunting for relics in dusty old temples.

It's a little to bleak in places, and a lot of character development falls flat, but it's still a strong way to see out Crofty's origin trilogy.

Best PS4 games and best PlayStation 4 games

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

CoD gets into the Battle Royale game

Reasons to buy
+Blackout mode is a fine replacement for the campaign+Welcome improvements to Multiplayer+Best Zombies campaign yet

The latest Call of Duty aims to shed the series' increasing irrelevancy by actively incorporating  modes and mechanics from the likes of Overwatch and PUBG. The result is an online-focused shooter that's wholly unoriginal, but far more engaging and rewarding as a result.

Blackout - CoD's answer to the big Battle Royale craze - is a slick take on the genre, with a giant map and all the gun variants you could ask for. Multiplayer is now more team-focused with no regenerative health and improved Specialist abilities. And Zombies is packed with content, all of which is a fun and crazy as you could imagine.

Best PS4 games and best PlayStation 4 games

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

This. Is. SPARTA!

Reasons to buy
+Biggest AC map yet+Open-world sailing is back+Kassandra is a great heroine

While the series seems like its going back to a damaging annual cycle again (it isn't, with Ubisoft confirming the series will take another year off in 2019), you'd never know it thanks to the ambition and execution of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Offering one of the biggest maps the series has ever boasted, this Ancient Greece set adventure throws in almost every popular feature from the last few years.

The improved combat of Assassin's Creed Origins returns, as well as a renewed focus on RPG mechanics. It can make the game a little grindy in places, but with some brilliant boss fights, a return to open-sea sailing and some great storytelling, it's proof AC is far from over-the-hill. 

Best PS4 games and best PlayStation 4 games

SoulCalibur VI

A classic fighter finds its form

Reasons to buy
+Unreal Engine 4 makes for a fluid combat model+Two big story modes+Geralt of Rivia!

It's been six years since the previous entry in the series, but while it's taken its time to reach current-gen hardware, SoulCalibur VI brings with it the best entry in the sword-swinging franchise since SCII. The change of engine makes for a slick and responsive combat model, while the inclusion of two huge story modes will ensure this fighting title becomes a serious time sink.

While locking fan favourite fighters behind DLC is a backwards approach to post-launch content, the inclusion of Geralt of Rivia as a special guest character is a fine addition. The net code is rock solid and there's all the customisation options you could possibly want.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best PS4 games

The stunning open-world epic that is Red Dead Redemption 2 is a must play on PlayStation 4. It looks superb on PS4 Pro, too.

Red Dead Redemption 2

A Wild West epic that you simply have to play

Reasons to buy
+Beautifully realised open world to explore+Hundreds of hours of immersive content+Technical showcase on PS4 Pro

We're guessing you're already very familiar with Red Dead Redemption 2 review hype, with the game receiving perfect scores across the board, but it truly is an experience not to be missed.

So much time and money was poured into this game that, if it was anyone but Rockstar Games were at the helm, you'd be concerned it was going to be a costly flop. However, the resultant incredibly in-depth and immersive Wild West simulator and open-world epic is  nothing short of a triumph.

The scope of missions, activities, games, characters, stories, systems and the world itself is just breathtaking, and with hundreds of hours of quality content on offer, it's one of the most no-brainer game purchases in 2019.

Best PS4 games and best PlayStation 4 games FIFA


EA Canada's beautiful game is still a stunner

Reasons to buy
+Best chapter in The Journey yet+Divisions improve FUT progression+House Rules a boon for Kick-Off mode

EA Canada's hyper-polished football simulator may no longer have the shadow of Pro Evo looming over its shoulder, but that doesn't mean the latest FIFA is a complacent instlament. FIFA 19 makes changes to the much-loved formula in almost all the right places, so you're bound to find a mode to suit your footie tastes.

The Journey returns for its final instalment as Alex Hunter tries to go from top-flight superstar to football icon; FUT has a new Divisions mode to improve long-term play; Kick-Off mode has a new FIFA Street-style House Rules addition and much more. The changes to shooting and ball physics also add a sleeker sense of movement across the field.

Best PS4 games

Detroit: Become Human

Do sheep QuanticDream of electric sheep?

Reasons to buy
+One of the most visually impressive games on PS4+Cinematic story experience

While 2013’s Beyond: Two Souls failed to live up to the serial killer japes (and awkward sex scenes) of 2010’s Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human goes full science-fiction with a story of artificial intelligence in rebellion. 

With mankind now using lifelike androids as a worldwide workforce, David Cage’s latest opus will follow the story of three machines that begin think, act and feel beyond their original programming. 

You’ll encounter plenty of challenging scenarios, from solving murders to caring for a dying master, so expect a story that evolves with every dialogue choice and action.

the best ps4 racing games

The Crew 2

An open-world racer with an extreme edge

Reasons to buy
+Arcade-style racing+Boats, cars, planes and more

Back in 2014, The Crew offered up a truncated version of the United States filled with races and challenges and all manner of Ubisoft-related tropes. It also wasn’t very good, mainly because its racing lacked that ‘wow’ factor. 

Fast-forward to now and its sequel has looked to the Xbox-exclusive series Forza Horizon for inspiration, dropping the road trip setup of the first game in favour of a more accessible set of activities across its vast map. 

With powerboat racing, street races, drifting, dirt bikes and stunt planes, it’s packed with things to do in vehicular form.

Best PS4 games

Jurassic World Evolution

It's Zoo Tycoon... but with dinosaurs

Reasons to buy
+UI works really on consoles+Jeff Goldblum on narration

Frontier might be more famous for the expansive universe of Elite: Dangerous, but it also gave us the cutey management sim that is Zoo Tycoon, and it’s these family-friendly series that’s served as the enhanced DNA for Jurassic World Evolution. 

The setup is simple: build your own theme park on one of five different islands, including pens full of every dinosaur you’ve seen gnashing their jaws in the films. Search for fossils, extract DNA then breed your very own enhanced species, but watch out. Your new creations might escape and run riot across your very own Jurassic World.

Best PS4 games


A vampire simulator with a pre-Victorian twist

Reasons to buy
+A world that reacts to your decisions+Brilliant set of vampiric powers

Dontnod Entertainment - the Parisian studio perhaps more well-known for the narrative wonder of Life is Strange - has turned its attention to an entirely new genre, but it’s brought much of its love for stories and worlds that are shaped by your decisions and choices. 

Set in London in 1918, you play a doctor attempting to help the city through an outbreak of Spanish Flu. Unfortunately, you’ve also just been turned into a vampire, forcing you to choose between healing people or draining them for blood. 

With support for stealthy non-kill playthroughs and all-out vampiric bloodbaths, it’s proved to be a darkly hidden gem.

Best PS4 games


Battle royale with cheese

Reasons to buy
+Fun, intense multiplayer gameplay+Battle Royal mode is free

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds helped put the ‘battle royale’ genre (where a large group of players drop into a map, find weapons and kill each other to the last man/woman) on the map, it’s the colossal popularity of Epic Games’ Fortnite has put it firmly on the map.

The full-game is actually about building a fort and surviving a night of monster-filled attacks, but the BR mode (which includes the ability to build ramps and walls on the fly for makeshift cover and traversing to higher ground) has proved a real winner on Twitch, YouTube and beyond. Who needs a chicken dinner, eh?

Best PS4 games

Metal Gear Survive

Tactical espionage action has never played quite like this

Reasons to buy
+Shows there is still plenty of fun to be had in the Metal Gear universe+Shakes up the traditional stealth gameplay

Many fans thought the Metal Gear series was doomed to be plunged into chaos after the controversial departure of series brainchild Hideo Kojima — however Metal Gear Survive shows the series has plenty of life and is capable of producing an entertaining spinoff.

What’s most important about this title is that it isn’t a traditional Metal Gear game, instead it serves as a reason for players to relive some of the gameplay elements the series has nailed in the past with a vital twist.

Think of this installment as the Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare of the Metal Gear series. After a worm hole opens in the game world the player is forced to build and fortify a base while upgrading their own abilities and taking on new recruits.

Survival elements play a key part in the game and add to the tangible feeling of desperation the game exudes. Managing your health, food, water and any injuries sustained is vital to continuing the grind towards satisfying progression.

The game may not prominently feature any of the series’ signature characters, but Metal Gear Survive shows that there is still plenty of fun to be had in this incredibly captivating world.

Best PlayStation 4 games

Monster Hunter: World

Bludgeon, stab and conquer to get incredibly rewarding loot

Reasons to buy
+Simplifies its introduction to make it perfect for newcomers+Easily the best cooperative fun you can experience on the PlayStation 4

Monster Hunter: World manages to maintain the series’ historically addictive backbone but makes the barrier to entry lower than ever so a slew of new players can experience gorgeous worlds and inspired creatures.

The game is best suited to cooperative play but has been tailored to fit single-player only hunters all the same. Instead of displaying a litany of text when you boot up the game, the developers instead opted to spoon-feed the player information when it’s needed.

Monster Hunter's incredibly diverse worlds look crisp and run without a hiccup on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Getting friends together to chase down beautifully realised animals could be easier, but once everyone has teamed up the game takes on an entirely new level of charm and companionship.

Monster Hunter: World strikes the perfect balance between catering for die-hard fans of the franchise and a huge set of newcomers at the same time.

It succeeds without sacrificing any of its alluring characteristics that result in hundreds of hours lost slaying monsters, crafting improved items and exploring the game’s vast open worlds.

Best PS4 games

Shadow of the Colossus

One of the best games of all time just got an amazing visual upgrade

Reasons to buy
+Rebuilt from the ground-up to look and feel better than ever+The emotional finale will stay with you long after the credits roll

The PlayStation 4 rendition of Shadow of the Colossus cements Team Ico’s heartfelt adventure as a true classic. The story about a man’s journey to save a mystical woman by taking down 16 fantastical beasts has never looked or played better.

Two generations of extra power makes the quest feel more immersive and real than ever thanks to the removal of the PlayStation 2’s technical limitations that stiffened up character models and severely cut draw distances.

The exhilarating feeling you get when you charge horse first into the territory of a new Colossus with your sword lighting the way feels better than ever.

Controls have also been greatly improved with remapped jump and grab buttons making this game feel like a modern classic and not a title that saw its first outing over 12 years ago.

Shadow of the Colossus gives players one of the most memorable crusades this generation and tops it off with an ending that will surely go down as one of the industry’s best.

Best PlayStation 4 games

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The frantic blockbuster lives on without Nathan Drake

Reasons to buy
+Uncharted's first foray into an open world+Incredible characters steal the show

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is proof the series can live on without Nathan Drake and is testament to the charming cast of characters developer Naughty Dog has built over the last decade. The game sees the unlikely duo of Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross team up in search of the Tusk of Ganesh.

Naughty Dog is rivalled only by Rockstar Games in getting the best out of a console, and this trend continues with The Lost Legacy’s depiction of India looking absolutely gorgeous and pixel perfect on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The game carries on the series tradition of putting characters in scripted moments that play out like the greatest scenes from a Hollywood blockbuster.

The game also takes the franchise forward by introducing an open world level that sets the player free to roam about, discover treasures and witness the developing relationship between Chloe and Nadine.

Best PS4 games

Horizon Zero Dawn

Engage in ruthless encounters with animalistic beasts

Reasons to buy
+The most original open-world title the PS4 has to offer+An immersive story with endless amounts of lure

With Horizon Zero Dawn Guerrilla Games not only showed they were capable of creating an inspired, new and unique RPG with an incredible amount of lure, but they could do so with an unparalleled amount of elegance.

The game features a strong leading character in the form of Aloy, but the game’s world steals the show with diverse landscapes and inhabiting animal-esque machines forcing players to stop and take everything in, especially in the PS4 Pro’s 4K mode.

The combat is some of the most original this generation with primitive weaponry used to tackle the animalistic enemies. Each machine has its own weakness that requires the player to adjust their techniques to take them down quickly before more arrive.

Horizon encourages the player to explore every crevice, complete every objective and make Aloy the most powerful version of herself. The game is a testament to the financial commitment and creative freedoms Sony offers its first-party studios.

Best PlayStation 4 games

Wipeout Omega Collection

Celebrate everything the series did right one last time

Reasons to buy
+Tracks have hidden layers of nuance that take countless laps to discover+Delivers an unparalleled sense of speed

Developer Psygnosis’ heritage lives on in the Wipeout Omega Collection that contains the beloved trio of WipEout HD, WipEout HD Fury and WipEout 2048 on one Blu-ray disc.

The series charms players instantaneously with its futuristic world and will have you replaying courses over and over again to beat your best time.

The games provide an unparalleled sense of speed but manage to do so while still giving the player a refined control scheme that allow the most talented to navigate a race without a single collision.

A deep meta-game can be found in the statistics of each of the available ships; some will have beefed up armour while others are perfect for nailing corners that will shave off valuable seconds if you’re going for a personal best.

Remastering three of Psygnosis’ greats is the best send off the studio could have ever asked for.

Best PS4 games

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

The beloved PlayStation mascot is back

Reasons to buy
+Gameplay tweaks make the series more accessible than ever+An incredible amount of content on one disc

The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy doesn’t just take the collection of games on the original PlayStation and cover them with a current-gen coat of paint.

Instead it serves to improve the first Crash game by adding a more accessible save mechanic that makes the package a lot less intimidating for those looking to dip their toes into the franchise for the first time.

The game serves as a differentiator between a traditional HD upgrade and a complete remaster from the ground-up. The graphics, sound and content have been tweaked or added to in some fashion to make this the definitive way to experience three of Naughty Dog’s classics.

The platforming and memorable boss battles offer a significant challenge for players and deliver a euphoric moment of satisfaction when they’re completed.

Best PlayStation 4 games

Gravity Rush 2

A testament to how unique and creative this series is

Reasons to buy
+Improve gravity-shifting mechanics+Definitively lush art style

The original Gravity Rush was criminally under-played when it was released on the PlayStation Vita in 2012. However Sony’s Japan Studio was lucky enough to get another crack at exploring the fantastical world of Kat, the game’s protagonist.

The adorable blonde has the unique ability of shifting gravity to suit her needs, meaning she can pretty much fly and walk on any surface at will.

The game features the same incredible art style from the original but dials it up significantly after being given the added horsepower of the PlayStation 4 to play with.

Although the story is largely forgettable, cutscenes take place through comic book style sequences that still manage to create some hilarious moments.

The gameplay is what you’ll be sticking around for though, with the combat being given an added layer of depth and the traversal of zipping around by manipulating the world made easier and more precise.

Best PS4 games

Battlefield 1

An epic World War 1 first person shooter

Reasons to buy
+Top story mode+Loads of free DLC+Excellent multiplayer

The much-loved Battlefield series travels back to World War 1 in this title, which manages to deliver excellent shooting action with a, for an FPS, surprisingly engaging story mode. A dump truck load of DLC (most of which is now free for all users), a top multiplayer Operations mode that allows for 64-player, multi-map scuffles, and the ability to hop into tanks and aircraft, too, keeps the action fresh each play session.

The game isn't optimised for PS4 Pro, so those rocking Sony's flagship won't get any benefit from their juiced up hardware, but the game's art style and graphics are top draw anyway and along with some top music and sound effects, they make for an immersive gaming experience.

best ps4 vr games

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The series goes back to what made it great in the first place

Reasons to buy
+Horror elements are executed brilliantly+The entire game is playable in PlayStation VR

Resident Evil 7 takes the series back to its roots by shaking off unnecessary over-the-top action sequences and replacing them with incredibly tense and frightening moments, rewarding exploration and a ton of nods to previous entries in the franchise.

The game sees the player thrown into a desperate scramble to overcome the sadistic Baker Family.

The player is also forced to conserve their resources that adds to the game’s expertly delivered feeling of vulnerability — the rush that ensues when you use the last of your bullets to land a headshot on a final enemy is one that can’t be understated.

Additionally, the game is one of the few to fully utilise Sony’s PlayStation VR headset in a meaningful way. The player can experience Resident Evil 7 in its entirety in virtual reality and showcases the unparalleled immersion offered by the technology.

Best PlayStation 4 games

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

One of the few games that will have you laughing with regularity

Reasons to buy
+Recreates the style from the series perfectly+A deep set of RPG and fighting mechanics

The beauty of South Park has always been the contemporary nature of each episode; The Fractured But Whole carries on that legacy with its satirical approach to the superhero craze.

Just like the The Stick of Truth before it, the title is easily mistaken for an episode of the show when the HUD is not displayed. The involvement of series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker is the reason this game will have you in fits of laughter from start to finish.

The turn-based combat starts off relatively simple, but as the game progresses it becomes increasingly challenging and requires the player to put a lot more thought into every aspect of a battle.

Little details such as where your characters are positioned have the power to drastically change the tide in any battle.

Fans of the show will see this as another epic episode that pays homage to everything the series has done right for the last twenty years while the contemporary jokes mean even newcomers will have to stop their sides from splitting.

Best PlayStation 4 games

Friday the 13th: The Game

How will you escape the machete-wielding psychopath?

Reasons to buy
+Playing as Jason is incredibly satisfying+Requires teamwork and communication for a successful match

Friday the 13th: The Game is a deep nod to fans of the films - the multiplayer only title sees a team of up to seven players controlling Camp Crystal Lake counsellors attempting to escape the machete-wielding Jason Voorhees.

The game is best experienced with a group of friends and a microphone is a must to coordinate the asymmetrical maps and form a strategy to last the night.

Surviving typically requires finding resources that are scattered across the camp site that are too spread out for a single player to find them all alone, reinforcing the need to play with others you are familiar with.

Playing as Jason meanwhile offers an incredible power-rush as you speed around the map gouging the guts of each counsellor trying to escape. The game offers a variety of costumes that pay homage to Friday fans that know the franchise inside and out.

Although technical hiccups occur more than they should, the unparalleled rush of adrenaline you get as you speed away in a car with Jason following closely behind is worth the brief annoyance.

Best PlayStation 4 games

The Evil Within 2

Survival horror done right

Reasons to buy
+Throws the player into an unexpected and twisted world+A lengthy, scary and thrilling ride

The Evil Within 2 cements the survival horror genre as one that is thriving and where new titles can bloom.

Developer Tango Gameworks clearly understands what made games of this ilk so popular in the first place — The Evil Within 2 constantly keeps you on edge and feeling vulnerable.

Although the narrative largely takes a back seat in this second instalment, the gameplay and well-executed horror tropes will keep your sweaty hands clinging a little too tightly to the controller for some 15 hours.

The game forces the player to do everything they can to survive, meaning you’ll be scavenging everything you can from the semi-open world to ensure you have enough resources to live long enough to make it to the next deadly encounter.

The Evil Within 2 understands that surviving by the skin of your teeth is what makes survival horror games great and puts forward a wide-variety of innovations that set a new bar for the genre.

Best PlayStation 4 games

Hitman: The Complete First Season

More devious ways to assassinate your targets than ever before

Reasons to buy
+A wide-range of ways to take out each target+Expansive levels that offer a ton of replay value

Many players were turned off when developer IO Interactive announced that the next generation version of Hitman would be released episodically. However, the game turned out to be one of the few examples of this delivery done right.

The series of levels takes Agent 47 across the world and throws him into incredibly expansive mission areas in Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh and Bangkok to name a few. However it is the incredible amount of variety and diverse ways to complete objectives that gives this title an incredibly long tail.

Hitman retains the series’ classic formula of throwing Agent 47 into an open area, giving him a target and a seemingly endless amount of ways to take them out. 

However, this iteration takes that to a new level, providing incredibly detailed worlds and an astonishing amount of killing methods and disguises to experiment with.

The title proves that Hitman is more relevant and endlessly repayable than ever. Developer IO Interactive should be commended for choosing a somewhat unconventional release method and nailing it to keep players invested episode after episode.

Best PlayStation 4 games

Ratchet & Clank

The Lombax and robot duo are back in this remastered adventure

Reasons to buy
+A dump truck worth of weapons available+Charming, unique and memorable characters

Developer Insomniac Games paid a fantastic tribute to the first Ratchet & Clank game that made them a recognised developer across the industry with a remaster built from the ground-up for PlayStation 4.

Although the title diverges slightly from the plot of the original game, the main through points remain. However players will be most enamoured by the glorious graphical treatment that the Lombax and his robotic friend have received.

The charming and incredibly diverse worlds look like something ripped straight from a Pixar cartoon. Of course the game will have your eyes popping on the PlayStation 4 Pro, but things will still look great in 1080p on a standard or slim PlayStation 4.

The quirky characters and litany of firearms have always been a staple of the Ratchet & Clank series and the PlayStation 4 installment takes that to the next level with guns that will have you in fits of laughter from the moment you pull the trigger.

Ratchet & Clank on the PlayStation 4 proves that there is not only a ton of potential for the series to climb to new heights on a new generation of hardware but that it still has the power to delight fans new and old.