PS5 games price news – just what we wanted to hear 😊 | T3

PS5 games price news – just what we wanted to hear 😊

Ubisoft has confirmed how much its PS5 games are going to cost this year, and it's great news for gamers

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5 price release date
(Image credit: Sony)

Hype for the Sony PS5 has now reached fever pitch, with PlayStation gamers worldwide desperate to get their hands on the next-gen console.

But, while we know a lot now about the console and the games we can expect at launch, the one thing we don't still have a handle on is pricing, with the PS5, PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and PS5 games remaining largely unknown in terms of cost.

That, though, has just changed dramatically, with gaming software giant Ubisoft confirming the price of its PS5 games this year in a recent earnings call. As reported by The Verge:

"Ubisoft has publicly committed to keeping prices for new games released on next-gen consoles this fall at $60, the company said in an earnings call on Wednesday."

For the record, Ubisoft will be launching Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion on PS5 this year. This means both of those games will not cost a penny more than their PlayStation 4 equivalents.

Here at T3 we think this is great news, as history has shown that games for new consoles, specifically during its launch window, tend to be jacked up in price. Indeed, you only have to look at the news that Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games intend to charge an extra $10 for its next-gen games to see that the practice still exists.

So, while it seems like pricing for PS5 games across the board remains unfixed, it looks like at least Ubisoft's titles will remain at a more affordable level this year, which is welcome news in our mind here at T3, as after shelling probably around $500 for a new PlayStation 5 console, most gamers will want to save as much money as possible when picking up new games to play.

What PS5 games are we looking forward to the most here at T3? Well, Horizon Forbidden West looks awesome – we really can't wait to get stuck back into some robo-dino slaying action.

Ghostwire: Tokyo also looks super spooky and Returnal's gameplay mechanic whereby the world changes every time you die is intriguing. Deathloop also looks like one hell of an adrenaline rush.

At the lighter end of the gaming spectrum, Bugsnax looks super cute, and we're pleased to see Sackboy is back once more in his Big Adventure.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart also looks buckets of fun and really seems to be making the most of that rapid new SSD in the PS5.

And, while we're talking about exclusives, who couldn't be enthused by Project Athia, an exclusive JRPG from Final Fantasy makers Square Enix.

The graphics on Gran Turismo 7 are also just jaw-dropping and we're super happy to be throwing webs so soon again in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Hopefully we will see even more from these games soon, and hopefully get confirmation that each one will be retailing at $60 or less.