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Experience far more comprehensive models that help you better understand the composition of your enterprise!

Drive Enterprise Modeling costs down, while simultaneously delivering far richer and more useful models!

See and understand how and why things are connected to each other!

Achieve much higher and effective levels of Enterprise-Wide Knowledge Sharing!

Eliminate the need for other redundant and wasteful systems.

IF4IT Modeling & Web Generation Services

The Power and Benefit of Big Modeling Tools Without the Expenses and Complexities of Owning or Managing Them.

NOUNZ Interest

Enterprise Modeling as a Service

Enterprise Modeling means building an interactive representation of your enterprise that can be used for rapid data & information reuse as well as for very effective enterprise-wide knowledge sharing.

At the heart of Enterprise Modeling is the concept of connectivity that's represented by meaningful relationships between people, places, and things that are important to you and your enterprise.

It's been proven that identifying, developing, and maintaining the right relationships facilitates quicker access to what's important by enabling pathways through your data. When done incorrectly, which is far more often than not, the identification, creation, and maintenance of these relationships is a very complicated and very expensive practice that very few modelers ever get right. This is where experienced modelers and better model generation tools can help you and your enterprise get to better modeled data, faster and far more affordably.

The IF4IT is proud to be the first (and currently the only) enterprise in the world that can develop and deliver stand-alone, feature rich, explorable, and interactive Enterprise Models that are structured in the form of easy to deploy web sites which look, feel, and act like highly organized read-only Electronic Libraries and Wikis.

The Downside of Performing Your Own Enterprise Modeling...

The Upside of Using IF4IT Enterprise Modeling Services...

How IF4IT Enterprise Modeling and Web Site Generation Services Work...

You simply collect your enterprise data & information in the form of common flat files (i.e. any file that is in Comma Separated Value "CSV" format or that can easily be converted to CSV). Your data can come from human generated spreadsheets and from systems that allow you to directly extract the information you want to include in your model.

Most data is not perfect so the IF4IT works with you and your staff to quickly finalize the cleansing of your enterprise data & information, before modeling it. The IF4IT then registers the data with our own NOUNZ® model compilation and generation software tool. NOUNZ® is executed and automatically generates an extremely comprehensive and feature rich web site that is structured to mirror your enterprise (i.e. what you have and how things are connected together).

The IF4IT reviews what's been generated with you and/or your staff, usually via a web conference. We quickly work together to iron out any minor issues and stabilize the model to your liking. Then the IF4IT ships that model to you, in the form of an installable web site, via a delivery method of your preference (e.g. thumb drive, sFTP, etc.).

Once you receive your IF4IT NOUNZ generated model, it will be in the form of a simple to use web site that can be read directly from a storage device, by nothing more than a modern browser. This means you can copy it to local device and run it in a portable mode, where you can use it locally, for yourself, or verify it before sharing it with the broader enterprise.

You copy the entire model to a folder in your web server to allow the entire enterprise to gain access to the same powerful data, information, and knowledge that you have access to. By doing so, you've now enabled enterprise-wide knowledge sharing at a level that exceeds what most tools and other organizations can ever dream of.

As you and your stakeholders take regular advantage of your knew Enterprise Model, you'll get the feedback you need to help improve the model, both, with requests for new data & information as well as for corrections to existing data & information. Not a problem. Simply work with the IF4IT to quickly repeat the process and deploy your improved Enterprise Model.

Talk to an IF4IT Representative to see if our Enterprise Modeling Services can help you and your enterprise.

How IF4IT NOUNZ® Generated Enterprise Models Help You Avoid and Eliminate Other Wasteful and Redundant Tools & Systems...

As your enterprise grows, you're IT staff will start to push for a number of different tools and systems that all exist to attempt to show how things are connected together. These solutions are, both, very expensive and very complex. They include but are not limited to:

  1. Intranets
  2. Architecture Modeling Tools (AMTs)
  3. Content Management Systems (CMSs)
  4. Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs)
  5. Service Catalogs
  6. Electronic Libraries (ELs)
  7. Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)

Using IF4IT NOUNZ® generated Enterprise Models allows you to effectively consolidate all of the above, and more, into one simple, affordable, and very easy to use system that helps avoid spending on the above separate systems and all the integrations between them, until you absolutely need to do so. If you don't believe it, we challenge you to compare any individual system in any of the above areas to a NOUNZ generated model. Talk to an IF4IT Representative to start your comparison, now.

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