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IF4IT Index of IT Disciplines That Start With the Letter "S"

(Total Number of Disciplines = 1026)

(Total Number of Disciplines that start w/ the letter "S" = 162)

Safety Management
Sales Management
Sales Campaign Management
Sales Channel Management
Sales Opportunity Management
Sales Order Management
Sales Process Management
Satellite Office Management
Scanner Management
Schema Management
Schematics Management
Score Card Management
Scorecard Management
Search Management
Sector Management
Security Management
Security Alert Management
Security Badge Management
Security Card Management
Security Infrastructure Management
Security Key Management
Security Model Management
Security Penetration Test Management
Security Penetration Test Environment (SECP) Management
Security Policy Management
Security Test Management
Security Test Environment (SEC) Management
Security Violations Management
Self Help Solutions Management
Semantic Data Management
Separation Management
Server Management
Server Package Management
Server Software Packages Management
Service Management
Service Catalog Management
Service Center Management
Service Contract Management
Service Delegation Management
Service Desk Management
Service Level Management
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management
Service Level Objective (SLO) Management
Service Level Requirement (SLR) Management
Service Level Target (SLT) Management
Service Model Management
Service Provider Management
Service Request Management
Shared Business Service Management
Shared Information Technology (IT) Service Management
Shared Service Management
Simulation Management
Single Source of Truth (SSoT) Management
Situation Management
Skill Set Management
Small Enterprise Management
Software Management
Software (SW) Build Automation Framework Management
Software Alert Management
Software Application Management
Software Application Model Management
Software Asset Management
Software Bug Management
Software Build Management
Software Change Management
Software Configuration Management
Software Construction Management
Software Dependency Management
Software Design Management
Software Development Management
Software Distribution Management
Software Execution Management
Software Infrastructure Management
Software Installation Management
Software Instance Management
Software Instantiation Management
Software Integration Test Management
Software Library Management
Software License Management
Software Package Management
Software Performance Test Management
Software Server Management
Software Test Management
Software User Acceptance Test Management
Software Version Management
Solution Set Management
Solutions Architecture (SA) Management
Source Code Management
Source Code Configuration Management (SCCM)
Source Code Delta Management
Source Code Storage Management
Source Code Version Management
Source File Management
Source File Delta Management
Source File Storage Management
Source File Version Management
Specialty Management
Specification Artifact Management
Specification Document Management
Sponsor Management
Stakeholder Management
Standards Management
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Management
State Management
State Restoral Management
Statement of Work (SOW) Management
Static Reference Data Management
Storage Management
Storage Alert Management
Storage Asset Management
Storage Configuration Management
Storage Infrastructure Management
Storage Infrastructure Management
Storage Library Management
Storage Tape Management
Strategic Change Management
Strategy Management
Study Management
Subnetwork (Subnet) Management
Subpoena Management
Subscription Management
Succession Plan Management
Supplier Management
Supplier Account Management
Supplier Asset Management
Supplier Commitment Management
Supplier Contract Management
Supplier Data Management
Supplier Data Feed Management
Supplier Expectations Management
Supplier Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Supplier Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Supplier License Management
Supplier Organization Management
Supplier Product Management
Supplier Quote Management
Supplier Relationship Management
Supplier Resource Management
Supplier Service Management
Supplier Software Management
Supplier Support Management
Supply Management
Support Management
Support Artifact Management
Support Desk Management
Support Document Management
Survey Management
Systems Management
System Administration Management
System Alert Management
System Architecture Management
System Change Management
System Configuration Management
System Development Management
System Integration Management
System Integration Test Management
System Integration Test Environment (SIT) Management
System Performance Test Management
System Resource Management
System Restoral Management
System Test Management
System User Acceptance Test Management

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