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IF4IT Master Index of Information Technology (IT) Disciplines
(a.k.a. Enterprise Capabilities)

(Total Number of Disciplines = 1026)
(Note: This list will evolve and grow as new Disciplines are identified and added.)

Account Management
Accountability Management
Accumulation Management
Acquisition Management
Action Management
Activity Management
Adjudication Management
Adverse Event (AE) Management
Adverse Experience (AE) Management
Advertisement (Ad) Management
Affiliate Management
Agency Management
Agenda Management
Agreement Management
Alarm Management
Alarm Subscription Management
Alert Management
Alert Identification Code Management
Alert Subscription Management
Algorithm Management
Analysis Management
Analysis Artifact Management
Analysis Document Management
Answer Management
Appliance Management
Application Management
Application Alert Management
Application Architecture (AA) Management
Application Change Management
Application Infrastructure Management
Application Integration Management
Application Model Management
Application Monitor Management
Application Relationship Model Management
Application Restoral Management
Application Server Management
Application Test Management
Architecture Management
Archive Management
Artifact Management
Assessment Management
Asset Management
Asset Change Management
Asset Relocation Management
Audit Management
Authorization Management
Automated Regression Test Management
Automated Regression Test Suite Management
Automated Workflow Management
Automation Management
Automation Framework Management
Availability Management
Batch Management
Batch File Management
Batch Infrastructure Management
Batch Job Management
Batch Process Management
Batch Schedule Management
Batch Scheduler Management
Behavior Test Management
Behavioral Test Environment (BEHAVE) Management
Benefits Management
Bill Management
Blog Management
Brand Management
Break Fix Request Management
Broker Management
Budget Management
Build Management
Build Artifact Management
Build Automation Framework Management
Build Dependency Management
Build Document Management
Build Environment Management
Build Test Management
Build Test Environment (BUILD) Management
Build Version Management
Business Management
Business Architecture (BA) Management
Business Availability Management
Business Capability Management
Business Case Management
Business Commitment Management
Business Configuration Management
Business Continuity Management
Business Discipline Management
Business Driver Management
Business Expectation Management
Business Operation Management
Business Opportunity Management
Business Plan Management
Business Policy Management
Business Process Management
Business Process Monitor Management
Business Resource Management
Business Rule Management
Business Rule Management
Business Segment Management
Business Service Management
Business Stakeholder Management
Business Support Management
Business Unit (BU) Management
Calendar Management
Call Management
Call Center Management
Campaign Management
Capability Management
Capability Model Management
Capability Reference Architecture Management
Capacity Management
Capacity Model Management
Capitation Management
Case Management
Case Study Management
Catalog Management
Cause Management
Cause and Effect Management
Center of Excellence (CoE) Management
Centralized Build Environment (BUILD) Management
Centralized Build Test Management
Centralized Environment Management
Certificate Management
Certification Management
Change Management
Change Control Management
Change Control Organization (or Board) Management
Change Delta Management
Change Request Management
Change Subscription Management
Channel Management
Chargeback Management
Check List (Checklist) Management
Claims Management
Claim Exception Management
Claim Pend Management
Class Management
Client Management
Client Account Management
Client Asset Management
Client Commitment Management
Client Contract Management
Client Data Management
Client Data Feed Management
Client Expectation Management
Client Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Client License Management
Client Organization Management
Client Product Management
Client Relationship Management
Client Resource Management
Client Service Management
Client Service Management
Client Support Management
Cloud Management
Collaboration Management
Collaboration Technology Management
Collection Management
Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Software Management
Commission Management
Commitment Management
Committee Management
Communications Management
Communications Channel Management
Communications Infrastructure Management
Communications Library Management
Communications Technology (CT) Management
Community Management
Community of Practice (CoP) Management
Compatibility Management
Compensation Management
Competency Management
Complaint Management
Compliance Management
Computer Peripheral Management
Computer Rack Management
Computer Rack Capacity Management
Conceptual Architecture Management
Conference Call Management
Conference Room Management
Configuration Management
Configuration Test Management
Configuration Test Environment (CONFIG) Management
Constituent Management
Construction Management
Construction Environment Management
Construction Test Management
Construction Test Environment (CONSTRUCT) Management
Consultant Identification Card Management
Consumer Commitment Management
Consumer Expectations Management
Consumer Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Consumer Service Management
Contact Center Management
Content Management
Content Subscription Management
Continuity Management
Contract Management
Contractor Identification Card Management
Controlled Vocabulary Management
Corporate Action (CA) Management
Corporate Expectation Management
Corporate Mandate Management
Cost Management
Cost Allocation Management
Cost Center Management
Credential Management
Crisis Management
Cultural Change Management
Curriculum Management
Custom Software Management
Customer Management
Customer Account Management
Customer Asset Management
Customer Claim Management
Customer Commitment Management
Customer Contract Management
Customer Data Management
Customer Data Feed Management
Customer Expectation Management
Customer Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Customer Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Customer License Management
Customer Organization Management
Customer Product Management
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Resource Management
Customer Service Management
Customer Service Management
Customer Software License Management
Customer Support Management
Dashboard Management
Data Management
Data Alert Management
Data Architecture (DA) Management
Data Asset Management
Data Backup Management
Data Center Management
Data Center Relocation Management
Data Change Management
Data Channel Management
Data Dictionary Management
Data Elicitation (DE) Management
Data Extract Management
Data Feed Management
Data Flow Model Management
Data Infrastructure Management
Data Integration Management
Data Library Management
Data Map Management
Data Mapping Management
Data Mart Management
Data Migration Management
Data Migration Test Management
Data Migration Test Environment (MIGRATE) Management
Data Model Management
Data Policy Management
Data Privacy Management
Data Replication Management
Data Security Management
Data Source Management
Data Subscription Management
Data Target Management
Data Visualization Management
Data Warehouse Management
Database Management
Database (DB) Transaction Management
Database Schema Management
Database Schematic (Schema) Management
Database Server Management
Decision Management
Decision Support Management
Decommission Management
Decommission Test Management
Decommission Test Environment (DECOM) Management
Definitive Software Library (DSL) Management
Delegation Management
Deliverable Management
Delivery Management
Demand Management
Demographic Management
Denial of Service (DoS) Management
Dependency Management
Deployment Management
Deployment Artifact Management
Deployment Document Management
Deployment Test Management
Deployment Test Environment (DEPLOY) Management
Design Management
Design Artifact Management
Design Configuration Management
Design Dependency Management
Design Document Management
Desktop Management
Desktop Package Management
Desktop Software Management
Desktop Software Package Management
Developer Configuration Management
Developer Support Management
Developer Work Space Environment (WS) Management
Development Management
Development Management
Development Environment Management
Device Management
Dial Tone Service Management
Dictionary Management
Digital Asset Management
Digital Certificate Management
Digital Signature Management
Disaster Management
Disaster Recovery Management
Disaster Recovery Environment (DR) Management
Disaster Recovery Test Management
Disaster Recovery Test Environment (DISASTER) Management
Disaster Test Management
Disaster Test Environment (DISASTER) Management
Discipline Management
Discussion Forum Management
Discussion Message Management
Discussion Topic Management
Distribution Management
Distribution Artifact Management
Distribution Channel Management
Distribution Document Management
Distribution Test Management
Distribution Test Environment (DIST) Management
Distributor Management
Divestiture Management
Document Management
Document Content Management
Document Library Management
Domain Management
Domain Name Management
Donation Management
Drawing Management
Dynamic Reference Data Management
Education Artifact Management
Educational Technology (ET) Management
Effect Management
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Management
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Message Management
Electronic Document Management
Electronic Records Management
Eligibility Management
Email Management
Emergency Management
Employee Identification Card Management
End User Management
End User Account Management
End User Artifact Management
End User Document Management
End User Expectations Management
End User Group Management
Enhancement Management
Enquiry Management
Enrollment Management
Enterprise Architecture (EA) Management
Enterprise Service Management
Entitlement Management
Environment Management
Environment Change Management
Equipment Management
Equipment Relocation Management
Error Identification Code Management
Error Log Management
Event Management
Event Subscription Management
Exception Management
Execution Management
Execution Dependency Management
Execution Test Management
Execution Test Environment (EXEC) Management
Expectation Management
External Data Feed Management
External Data Source Management
External Data Target Management
External Stakeholder Management
Extract Management
Extranet Management
Facility Management
Facility Capacity Management
Facility Configuration Management
Facility Configuration Management
Facsimile (FAX) Management
Facsimile (FAX) Machine Management
Facsimile Transmission (FAX) Management
Failover Management
Failover Test Management
Failover Test Environment (FAIL) Management
Feature Management
Federated Environment Management
File Management
File Extract Management
File Plan Management
File Share Management
File System Management
File Transfer Management
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Infrastructure Management
Financial Management
Firmware Management
Folksonomy Management
Forecast Management
Forms Management
Forum Management
Framework Management
Franchise Management
Fraud Management
Fraud Incident Management
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Management
Functional Test Management
Functional Test Environment (FUNC) Management
Furniture Management
General Ledger (GL) Management
Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) Management
Glossary Management
Government Agency Management
Government Agency Expectation Management
Government Mandate Management
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Management
Grievance Management
Hardware Management
Hardware Alert Management
Hardware Appliance Management
Hardware Asset Management
Hardware Build Management
Hardware Configuration Management
Hardware Dependency Management
Hardware Infrastructure Management
Hardware Installation Management
Hardware Instance Management
Hardware Library Management
Hardware License Management
Hardware Server Management
Hardware Test Management
Help Desk Management
Human Resource Management
Idea Management
Identification (ID) Card Management
Identity Management
Image Management
Imperative Management
Incentive Management
Incident Management
Index Management
Information Management
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Management
Information Architecture (IA) Management
Information Asset Management
Information Channel Management
Information Security Management
Information System (IS) Management
Information Technology (IT) Management
Information Technology (IT) Availability Management
Information Technology (IT) Capability Management
Information Technology (IT) Discipline Management
Information Technology (IT) Industry Management
Information Technology (IT) Operation Management
Information Technology (IT) Policy Management
Information Technology (IT) Project Management
Information Technology (IT) Service Management
Information Technology (IT) Stakeholder Management
Information Technology (IT) Standard Management
Information Visualization Management
Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure Model Management
Initialization Management
Initialization Test Management
Initialization Test Environment (INIT) Management
Initiative Management
Inquiry Management
Installation Management
Installation Dependency Management
Installation Test Management
Installation Test Environment (INSTALL) Management
Instance Management
Instantiation Management
Instantiation Dependency Management
Instantiation Test Management
Instantiation Test Environment (INSTANT) Management
Instructional Technology (IT) Management
Integration Management
Integration Test Management
Integration Testing Environment (INTEG) Management
Intellectual Capital Management
Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement Management
Intellectual Property (IP) Contract Management
Intellectual Property (IP) License Management
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Management
Interface Management
Interface Model Management
Internal Business Stakeholder Management
Internal Data Feed Management
Internal Data Source Management
Internal Data Target Management
Internal IT Stakeholder Management
Internal Stakeholder Management
Internet Management
Internet Protocol (IP) Address Management
Intranet Management
Inventory Management
Investigation Management
Investment Management
Investor Expectation Management
Invoice Management
Issue Management
Job Management
Knowledge Management (KM)
Knowledge Asset Management
Knowledge Security Management
Large Enterprise Management
Lead Management
Leader Management
Lease Management
Legal Management
Legal and Compliance Management
Legal Claims Management
Legal Hold Management
Legal Matter Management
Lessons Learned Management
Library Management
License Management
Lifecycle Management
Line of Business (LoB) Management
Loan Management
Local Data Dictionary (LDD) Management
Local File Repository (LFR) Management
Local Repository Management
Local Software Library (LSL) Management
Location Management
Location Configuration Management
Log File Management
Logical Architecture Management
Logistics Management
Loss Management
Mainframe Management
Managed File (MF) Management
Managed File Transfer (MFT) Management
Management Function Management
Mandate Management
Manual Workflow Management
Manufacturing Management
Market Management
Marketing Campaign Management
Marketing Channel Management
Marketing Segment Management
Master Data Management
Master Data Dictionary (MDD) Management
Master File Repository (MFR) Management
Master Index Management
Master Repository Management
Master Software Library (MSL) Management
Master Software Repository (MSR) Management
Matter Management
Maturity Management
Maturity Model Management
Media Management
Meeting Management
Member Management
Member Identification Card Management
Member Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Membership Management
Memory Management
Memory Leak Management
Merger Management
Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Management
Message Management
Metadata Management
Metrics Management
Middleware Management
Midsized Enterprise Management
Milestone Management
Mobile Device Management
Model Management
Module Test Management
Module Testing Environment (MODULE) Management
Monitoring Agent Management
Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement (MNDA) Management
Name Management
Network Management
Network Alert Management
Network Asset Management
Network Configuration Management
Network Dependency Management
Network Infrastructure Management
Network Model Management
Network Operating Center (NOC) Management
News Management
News Subscription Management
Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) Management
Notification Management
Notification Subscription Management
Objective Management
Office Management
Office Relocation Management
Ontology Management
Open Source Software Management
Operating Environment Management
Operating System (OS) Management
Operational Change Management
Opportunity Management
Order Management
Order Fulfillment Management
Organization Management
Organization Change Management
Organization Configuration Management
Organizational Change Management
Organizational Chart (Org Chart) Management
Organizational Model Management
Organizational Structure Management
Outcome Management
Owner Expectations Management
Ownership Management
Package Management
Package Test Management
Packaging Test Environment (PACK) Management
Paper Document Management
Paper Records Management
Partner Management
Partner Claims Management
Partner Commitment Management
Partner Data Source Management
Partner Data Target Management
Partner Expectation Management
Partner Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Partner Organization Management
Partner Resource Management
Partner Service Management
Partner Support Management
Partnership Management
Party Management
Password Management
Payables Management
Performance Management
Performance Test Management
Performance Testing Environment (PERF) Management
Peripheral Device Management
Personal Record Management
Physical Architecture Management
Pilot Management
Plan Management
Platform Management
Policy Management
Port Management
Portal Management
Portfolio Management
Postmortem Management
Power Management
Power Capacity Management
Practice Management
Price Management
Printer Management
Private Cloud Management
Private Record Management
Private Sector Management
Problem Management
Procedure Management
Process Management
Process Architecture (PA) Management
Process Model Management
Processing Exception Management
Processor Management
Producer Management
Product Management
Product Change Management
Product Integration Test Management
Product Performance Test Management
Product User Acceptance Test Management
Production Environment (PROD) Management
Profile Management
Profit Management
Program Management
Project Management
Project Artifact Management
Project Document Management
Project Justification Management
Proof of Concept (PoC) Management
Property Management
Proposal Management
Prospect Management
Protocol Management
Prototype Management
Provider Management
Provider Commitment Management
Provider Expectations Management
Provisioning Management
Public Cloud Management
Public Record Management
Public Sector Management
Purchase Order Management
Purchase Order Management
Quality Management
Quality Assurance Management
Quality Assurance Environment Management
Question Management
Quote Management
Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) Management
Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) Management
Real Estate Management
Receivables Management
Reconciliation Management
Records Management
Recovery Management
Reference Architecture (RA) Management
Reference Artifact Management
Reference Data Management
Reference Document Management
Referral Management
Registration Management
Registry Management
Regression Test Management
Regression Test Suite Management
Regulation Management
Regulatory Agency Commitment Management
Regulatory Commitment Management
Regulatory Expectations Management
Regulatory Filing Management
Regulatory Requirement Management
Regulatory Submission Management
Reimbursement Management
Relationship Management
Release Management
Release Configuration Management
Relocation Management
Remittance Management
Remittance Advice Management
Remote Access Management
Remote User Management
Remote User Group Management
Renewal Management
Replication Management
Report Management
Reporting Artifact Management
Reporting Document Management
Request Management
Request for Change (RFC) Management
Request for Information (RFI) Management
Request for Proposal (RFP) Management
Request for Quote (RFQ) Management
Requirements Management
Requirements Artifact Management
Requirements Document Management
Research Management
Research Environment (RES) Management
Resource Management
Resource Configuration Management
Resource Relocation Management
Resource Separation Management
Response Management
Responsibility Management
Restoral Management
Restoral Test Management
Restoral Test Environment (RESTORE) Management
Return Management
Revenue Management
Risk Management
Roadmap Management
Role Management
Role and Responsibility Model Management
Rollback Test Management
Rollback Test Environment (RB) Management
Rules Management
Run Book (Runbook) Management
Run Rate Management
Runtime Configuration Management
Runtime Dependency Management
Safety Management
Sales Management
Sales Campaign Management
Sales Channel Management
Sales Opportunity Management
Sales Order Management
Sales Process Management
Satellite Office Management
Scanner Management
Schema Management
Schematics Management
Score Card Management
Scorecard Management
Search Management
Sector Management
Security Management
Security Alert Management
Security Badge Management
Security Card Management
Security Infrastructure Management
Security Key Management
Security Model Management
Security Penetration Test Management
Security Penetration Test Environment (SECP) Management
Security Policy Management
Security Test Management
Security Test Environment (SEC) Management
Security Violations Management
Self Help Solutions Management
Semantic Data Management
Separation Management
Server Management
Server Package Management
Server Software Packages Management
Service Management
Service Catalog Management
Service Center Management
Service Contract Management
Service Delegation Management
Service Desk Management
Service Level Management
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management
Service Level Objective (SLO) Management
Service Level Requirement (SLR) Management
Service Level Target (SLT) Management
Service Model Management
Service Provider Management
Service Request Management
Shared Business Service Management
Shared Information Technology (IT) Service Management
Shared Service Management
Simulation Management
Single Source of Truth (SSoT) Management
Situation Management
Skill Set Management
Small Enterprise Management
Software Management
Software (SW) Build Automation Framework Management
Software Alert Management
Software Application Management
Software Application Model Management
Software Asset Management
Software Bug Management
Software Build Management
Software Change Management
Software Configuration Management
Software Construction Management
Software Dependency Management
Software Design Management
Software Development Management
Software Distribution Management
Software Execution Management
Software Infrastructure Management
Software Installation Management
Software Instance Management
Software Instantiation Management
Software Integration Test Management
Software Library Management
Software License Management
Software Package Management
Software Performance Test Management
Software Server Management
Software Test Management
Software User Acceptance Test Management
Software Version Management
Solution Set Management
Solutions Architecture (SA) Management
Source Code Management
Source Code Configuration Management (SCCM)
Source Code Delta Management
Source Code Storage Management
Source Code Version Management
Source File Management
Source File Delta Management
Source File Storage Management
Source File Version Management
Specialty Management
Specification Artifact Management
Specification Document Management
Sponsor Management
Stakeholder Management
Standards Management
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Management
State Management
State Restoral Management
Statement of Work (SOW) Management
Static Reference Data Management
Storage Management
Storage Alert Management
Storage Asset Management
Storage Configuration Management
Storage Infrastructure Management
Storage Infrastructure Management
Storage Library Management
Storage Tape Management
Strategic Change Management
Strategy Management
Study Management
Subnetwork (Subnet) Management
Subpoena Management
Subscription Management
Succession Plan Management
Supplier Management
Supplier Account Management
Supplier Asset Management
Supplier Commitment Management
Supplier Contract Management
Supplier Data Management
Supplier Data Feed Management
Supplier Expectations Management
Supplier Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Supplier Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Supplier License Management
Supplier Organization Management
Supplier Product Management
Supplier Quote Management
Supplier Relationship Management
Supplier Resource Management
Supplier Service Management
Supplier Software Management
Supplier Support Management
Supply Management
Support Management
Support Artifact Management
Support Desk Management
Support Document Management
Survey Management
Systems Management
System Administration Management
System Alert Management
System Architecture Management
System Change Management
System Configuration Management
System Development Management
System Integration Management
System Integration Test Management
System Integration Test Environment (SIT) Management
System Performance Test Management
System Resource Management
System Restoral Management
System Test Management
System User Acceptance Test Management
Target Management
Task Management
Taxonomy Management
Technical Capability Management
Technical Resource Management
Technology Management
Technology Architecture (TA) Management
Technology Model Management
Telephone (Phone) Management
Temperature Management
Template Management
Term Management
Test Management
Test Case (Testcase) Management
Test Configuration Management
Test Environment Management
Test Result Management
Test Suite Management
Testing Artifact Management
Testing Document Management
Time Management
Timesheet Management
Trading Partner Management
Training Management
Training Artifact Management
Training Class Management
Training Environment (TRAIN) Management
Transaction Management
Transactional Service Management
Trial Management
Underwriting Management
Unique Identifier (ID) Management
Unit and Module Testing Environment Management
Unit Test Management
Unit Testing Environment (UNIT) Management
Usability Management
User Management
User Acceptance Test Management
User Acceptance Testing Environment (UAT) Management
User Account Management
User Artifact Management
User Document Management
User Group Management
User Interface (UI) Management
Utility Management
Utilization Management
Value Chain Management
Vehicle Management
Vendor Management
Vendor Account Management
Vendor Asset Management
Vendor Claims Management
Vendor Commitment Management
Vendor Contract Management
Vendor Data Management
Vendor Data Feed Management
Vendor Expectation Management
Vendor Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Vendor Intellectual Property (IP) Management
Vendor License Management
Vendor Organization Management
Vendor Product Management
Vendor Quote Management
Vendor Relationship Management
Vendor Resource Management
Vendor Service Management
Vendor Service Management
Vendor Software Management
Vendor Software License Management
Vendor Support Management
Version Management
Video Management
Video Conference Management
Virtual Desktop Management
Virtual Machine Management
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Management
Virtual Server Management
Visitor Management
Visitor Identification Card Management
Visualization Management
Vocabulary (VOCAB) Management
Voicemail System Management
Vulnerability Management
Web Browser Management
Web Content Management
Web Link Management
Web Page Management
Web Portal Management
Web Server Management
Web Service Management
Web Site Management
Wiki Management
Wireframe Management
Work Management
Work Demand Management
Work Order Management
Work Request Management
Work Supply Management
Workflow Management
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