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Standardization: Ensure your enterprise is implementing and supporting IT according to global standards.

Reuse: Stop reinventing the wheel! Minimize implementation time by ensuring your IT Organization leverages solutions that other enterprises are successfully using, as well .

Consistency: Ensure repeatable solutions that can easily be used, over the long term.

Optimization: Hit the ground running with solutions that are tried and true, allowing you to avoid waste.

Quality: Ensure your IT solutions and stakeholders are as complate as possible.

Open and Sanctioned: Leverage solutions that come from a community of resources that goes well beyond the magnitude and capacity of your own enterprise.

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About the IF4IT...

The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT) is a global industry best practices association that promotes the interests and career development of practitioners, educators, and students who wish to extend their knowledge and understanding of IT operations, management, and leadership.

The Problems We Solve

The IF4IT focuses on the remediation of two very big and common problems in the IT Industry:

  1. The challenge of finding very good IT leaders, managers, and operators.
  2. The challenge of building highly repeatable IT organizations (including all Capabilities, Services, Functions, etc.) that are optimized for, both, efficiency and effectiveness.

To address these problems, the IF4IT has developed and offers numerous best practices that range from things like common IT language all the way through to a comprehensive and highly repeatable Blueprint for Information & Technology Management (ITM).

Community of IF4IT Solutions Consumers and Contributors

IF4IT Board of Advisors

Our growing Board of Advisors consists of Information Technology (IT) Industry thought leaders who share our vision of standard implementations and better leaders.

How is the IF4IT Funded?

What is the IF4IT Operating Model?

What are the IF4IT Goals, based on this knowledge?

Our hope is that you find our solutions useful and valuable enough that you contribute to the cause and spread the word!

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